Writer’s Log, 17/1/13: The Lone Paddler

It’s been over a month since my last ‘Writer’s Log’ entry. Partly that’s because I’ve been experimenting with other methods to keep my social media profile active. Also I began a private book journal this year. Perhaps that pushed the public one to the background. However, a friend reminded me this week that it’s been … Read more

A Burgundy-Colored Slice of Control

“In a way, self-tracking helps me feel like I’m in control, especially during particularly stressful times.” Super Generic Girl Currently I use the Fitbit to track my activity during the day. I just did a 15 minute walk on my treadmill, after lunch, and logged about 1,800 steps towards my daily goal of 8,000. Like … Read more

IBM’s Watson Goes To Medical School

Interesting article today in Medgadget about IBM’s super-computer Watson, which last year famously defeated the human champions of TV quiz show Jeopardy!. This year, IBM has been testing Watson out in the medical field. This is one of the ways it hopes to make money from the technology. IBM has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic … Read more

Measuring Your Daily Steps, Stress & More

Up till now in my Writer’s Log, I’ve focused on the process of writing a book. But my intention is also to use these updates to discuss the topics I’ll be covering in my book. One of those topics is the Quantified Self movement. Quantified Self refers to the practice of measuring data about your … Read more

A Visual ‘Writer’s Log’

A visual ‘Writer’s Log’ tonight, because this image says it all for me today. From 10am through to 12pm, I had just one software program on my computer screen: Byword. It’s a classy, minimalist, word processing app for Mac (I think it was +Jon Mitchell who turned me onto it, earlier this year). At 10am, I put … Read more

Writer’s Log, 19/11/12

Coming from the blogging world, one of the adjustments I’ve had to make is moving from a daily news mindset to one that is focused on a specific topic. I should add though that I’ve never been much of a news hound. I was fortunate to hire people at ReadWriteWeb who were much better at … Read more

My 23andMe Results

Yesterday I talked about why I did a DNA test at 23andMe, a personal genomics company. Today I’ll discuss some of my results. 23andMe provides what’s called a “genotyping” service. It’s not a full sequence of your entire genome (i.e. your genetic makeup, coded by DNA/RNA), but a mapping of the main areas of interest. … Read more

Why I Did a DNA Test With 23andMe

I just finished listening in to a genomics briefing run by the Science Media Centre here in New Zealand. I also participated a bit at the end, as someone who has done a personal DNA test, in my case at 23andme. I had been asked to say a few words about why I did the … Read more

Writer’s Log, 9/11/12

I’ve been talking a lot about Tom Wolfe recently. But I’m not quite the same kind of writer as him. Tom Wolfe is the master of literary nonfiction and one of my literary heroes. His main theme is – and always has been – status. It’s how he analyses and explains humanity, through the lens … Read more

Writer’s Log, 7/11/12

Day 2 of my social media log (my somelog? The weblog of this era!). Yesterday I got more good research under my belt, plus I iterated on my book outline. I have the main topic and themes set and I have solid ideas on storyline and main characters. I should note that I’m easing my … Read more

Writer’s Log, 6/11/12

It hasn’t yet been a month since I left ReadWriteWeb to begin writing a book. As expected, it’s taking some time to adjust. I haven’t opened Skype in at least a week – it used to be the main form of daily communication with my RWW colleagues. I miss it in a way, but I’m … Read more

A New Chapter

Today I part ways with the blog I founded back in April 2003, ReadWriteWeb. It has been an amazing journey and I am confident ReadWriteWeb will continue to explore what’s next in technology with the thoughtful analysis you have all come to expect. I wish SAY Media and the RWW team all the best as … Read more