Writer’s Log, 6/11/12

It hasn’t yet been a month since I left ReadWriteWeb to begin writing a book. As expected, it’s taking some time to adjust. I haven’t opened Skype in at least a week – it used to be the main form of daily communication with my RWW colleagues. I miss it in a way, but I’m … Read more

A New Chapter

Today I part ways with the blog I founded back in April 2003, ReadWriteWeb. It has been an amazing journey and I am confident ReadWriteWeb will continue to explore what’s next in technology with the thoughtful analysis you have all come to expect. I wish SAY Media and the RWW team all the best as … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2011

This time last year I listed my favorite Web products of 2010. I enjoyed that process so much that I’m doing it again this year. These are products that I liked and used the most during 2011, but I hope my list is useful to others too. I wondered whether my top 10 products for … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2010

This month ReadWriteWeb is publishing a series of top 10 lists of the best products of 2010, each based on a specific category. This post is a little different, in that it’s my own personal top 10 list of my favorite products of 2010. I’m not claiming these are the best products of the year, … Read more