Guest Articles


16 December 2019: How 5G will make Auckland a better place to live; The Spinoff (sponsored post)

12 December 2019: The digital human who wants to talk to you about your health insurance; The Spinoff (sponsored post)

3 February 2018: Could blockchain unshackle us from the corporate internet?; The Spinoff


I left the company I founded in October 2012, but added a couple more posts after:

How MyFitnessPal Became The King Of Diet Trackers
RW10: A Decade Of Spotting The Future Taking Form

Digital Web Magazine:

In 2004-05, I wrote or co-wrote three articles for the web design magazine Digital Web:

5 September 2005: Writing Semantic Markup (co-authored with Joshua Porter)
4 May 2005: Web 2.0 for Designers (co-authored with Joshua Porter)
28 April 2004: The Evolution of Corporate Web Sites