Top 5 Technology Trends of 2018


Every December going back to 2004, I’ve done an end-of-year review of the top Internet technology trends. As a source for this year’s review, I’m using the nearly fifty weekly columns I’ve written over the course of 2018. They’re a good indicator of what I’ve focused on during the year, and what has defined this year in terms … Read more

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2017

The Bitcoin Supper

Every December I write a blog post looking back at the leading technology trends of the year. I first started doing this in 2004, when Read/Write Web was my personal blog. That was also the year “Web 2.0” was named, denoting the trend of using the Web as a platform. There’s a connection, at least … Read more

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2016

Palmer Luckey Oculus

Each December going back to 2004, I’ve done a year in review blog post about technology. This year I’m focusing on technology trends rather than specific products. But I’ll mention many of my favorite tech products as part of the review. In time, we may look back on 2016 as the beginning of the big … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2015

Every December, I do a year in review of Internet technology. It’s a tradition going back to 2004, when I posted my first annual review of technology onto ReadWrite. This year I’m doing it slightly differently. I usually pick out ten Internet products that I personally use a lot and enjoy. This year, however, my selection … Read more

Top 5 Consumer Internet Trends of 2015

The consumer facing Internet has always been where online innovation first happens. The Consumer Internet, as I’ll call it here, is where experiments are conducted. It’s where trends are born. Sometimes these trends move into the enterprise world (like cloud computing), sometimes they become a part of mainstream media (like blogs) and sometimes they change … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2014

Every December since 2004, I’ve posted a year in review of Internet technology. In 2010, I began doing a top 10 list of my favorite technology products and I’m continuing that format this year. 2014 has been a particularly interesting year for new media, with innovations in blogging, podcasting, curation and paid content. Three of my top ten are examples of new media innovation. … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2013

Every December I list out my top technology products. This tradition dates back to 2004, when I began posting these lists onto ReadWrite (the tech blog I founded). This year I did it a bit differently, by posting one pick per day onto my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. I’m now posting the full list … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2012

When I was a professional blogger, December was one of my favorite months of the year. Because December is when I rolled out the year-end Best Of and Top 10 lists on ReadWrite. It’s a tradition dating back to 2004. While that’s only 8 human years ago, in Internet years it’s about 3 eras. Consider … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2011

This time last year I listed my favorite Web products of 2010. I enjoyed that process so much that I’m doing it again this year. These are products that I liked and used the most during 2011, but I hope my list is useful to others too. I wondered whether my top 10 products for … Read more

RicMac’s Top 10 Tech Of 2010

This month ReadWriteWeb is publishing a series of top 10 lists of the best products of 2010, each based on a specific category. This post is a little different, in that it’s my own personal top 10 list of my favorite products of 2010. I’m not claiming these are the best products of the year, … Read more