My ‘Trackers’ Book Will Be Perfect For Apple’s Healthbook Users


Earlier this month I announced that my upcoming book about self-tracking had found a publisher. The book is entitled Trackers: How Technology Is Helping Us Monitor & Improve Our Health (the final title may be slightly different). My book was completed at the end of 2013 and has just started the editing process, so it’s due out January or February 2015.

Judging by a comprehensive report this morning on the 9to5Mac blog, my book will hit the market just when Apple – and probably Google too – is starting to take self-tracking mainstream in a big way. Here’s the introduction to the 9to5Mac post:

Seven years out from the original iPhone’s introduction, and four years past the iPad’s launch, Apple has found its next market ripe for reinvention: the mobile healthcare and fitness-tracking industry. Apple’s interest in healthcare and fitness tracking will be displayed in an iOS application codenamed Healthbook.

According to the article, Healthbook strongly hints at an upcoming iWatch. Although even as a standalone aggregator of heath data on the iPhone, it would be hugely valuable. As the 9to5Mac article concludes, “Healthbook may just be able to transform healthcare and fitness management for the betterment of society.” I for one can’t wait to use Healthbook, whatever its final form may be.

In my book, I deliberately left room for an Apple or Google to shake up the self-tracking market. I tell the story of a number of self-tracking companies, but the book isn’t product-centric. So this news about Apple’s Healthbook excites me greatly!



Images: 9to5Mac

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