Writer’s Log, 28/3/13: My First 10,000 Words

Today I reached the 10,000 words mark in my book. 10,335 words, to be exact. I’ve finished the first draft of one chapter and am about 75-80% of the way through a second.

I actually started the latter chapter first, but I’m waiting on some extra information from the company I’m writing about. So I moved onto the second chapter, just last week, and today I finished the first draft of that. Content-wise, I have everything in there I wanted to say. It just needs to be edited for style, as I’ve been focused on telling the story and getting the initial words down.

I began the writing process on 7 March, so it’s taken me 3 weeks to get to this point. Therefore it’s looking like 2 chapters a month is a good goal to aim for. That means about another 5 months writing, since I’m aiming for 12 chapters.

My book is about consumer health technology and so far I’ve learned a great deal about that topic while writing it. My goal, of course, is to convey those learnings to as many other people as possible, through the book. But as always, stay tuned. I’ve got a lot more exploring to do yet!