First Blog Post in 2023

Crikey, has it been 15 months already? The previous blog post on was from last June and it was about the metaverse…hmm, that didn’t exactly pan out. Well anyway, today I added this blog to the fediverse, via the ActivityPub 1.0 plugin for WordPress. At first I encountered the same WebFinger bug I had wrestled with 10 months ago. However, I’m happy to report that the plugin’s developer, Matthias Pfefferle, helped me solve the problem. So now, if you type in “” (replace AT with @) into your Mastodon search bar, it should provide this blog’s fediverse account. You can follow it there to receive new blog posts. Which means I probably should post more! You can also follow me personally on Mastodon, which is my go-to social media service these days.

Also, you might want to follow my Substack newsletter, called Cybercultural. Despite my lack of blogging, I have actually been very busy writing over the past year or so — but on a book project, rather than blog posts. In October, I’ll be starting the serialization of my “Web 2.0 memoir” on Cybercultural. It’s a 135,000 word book about my experiences building ReadWriteWeb from 2004-2011 (the Web 2.0 era). I’ll blog more about this soon, but do subscribe to Cybercultural if you’d like to follow along.

Image via Unsplash.