My new blog, Blocksplain

It’s been over five years now since I left ReadWriteWeb. During that time I wrote and published two books – Trackers (2014) and Presence (2016). But it was time for a change in 2018, so I’ve started up a new tech blog. That’s because I’ve become obsessed, in a healthy way, about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, as they say in crypto circles.

My new blog is called Blocksplain. Its goal is to track blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, and explain how they fit into the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

At first I’m aiming for a similar audience to ReadWriteWeb in the early days: tech-savvy people who are curious about this new phenomenon. But I think blockchain will gradually become of interest to non-geeks too, just as Web 2.0 did a decade ago. It’s still early days for blockchain, but I believe we’re seeing a new and significant Internet platform develop.

Check out my introductory post on Blocksplain for further details. If you want to join the ride (hodl on!), subscribe to my blog and/or follow it on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to Blocksplain, I continue to write a weekly column for New Zealand’s largest news website, Stuff. You can see my recent posts by clicking the Column link in my menu.