My Debut Newsroom Column: Why Google Puts AI First

My weekly tech column has just launched at Newsroom, a New Zealand-based news and current affairs website. My debut column is about how Google is ushering in a new era of “AI first” technologies. This won’t be an era of shiny devices. To paraphrase Doc from Back to the Future, “Where we’re going we don’t need smartphones!” Here’s a small taster:

[…] Another way to look at Google’s device-less vision is that in the near future, the best technology will largely stay in the background. That’s different from the current era of the Internet, in which fancy devices have been the main attraction. From the iPhone in 2007, to the iPad in 2010, to Amazon Echo in 2015, to Facebook’s Oculus Rift in 2016, this era has been dominated by shiny new devices that have captured our collective imagination. While Google has more than kept pace with these developments – its various Android devices have been enormously popular – its real strength is the power of its back-end. And increasingly, AI is the foundation.

You can read the whole article here. A new column will be published every Tuesday NZ (Monday US). As yet there isn’t a way to subscribe to my column separately, but you can follow updates on my Facebook and Twitter profiles.