Trackers eBook Now Available On Amazon & iTunes

Trackers by Richard MacManusI’m pleased to announce that my book, Trackers: How Technology is helping us Monitor & Improve our Health, is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store for $7.99 and the Apple iTunes Store for $9.99. Click on one of the following links to purchase the book:

Amazon Kindle Store

Apple iTunes Store

The ebook will also soon be available on Google Play, the Kobo Store and Nook Books. The paperback version will be released in New Zealand bookstores on 1 January.

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My book tells the story of the rise of self-tracking, the practice of measuring and monitoring your health through technologies such as smartphone apps, wearables and personal genomics. In the book you’ll discover how Fitbit and MyFitnessPal began, the pros and cons of 23andMe’s genetics service, how the new wave of doctors is adapting to self-tracking, and much more.

I hope you enjoy the book and let me know in the comments here, or on FacebookTwitter, Google+ or Goodreads, what you think of it!