RWW 2009

December 2009


31: ReadWriteWeb’s Top 5 Web Trends of 2009
30: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Internet of Things
29: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Mobile Web & Augmented Reality
29: Wolfram|Alpha: The Use Cases
28: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Personalization
27: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: The Real-Time Web
26: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Structured Data
25: ReadWriteWeb Interview With Tim Berners-Lee, Part 1: Linked Data
24: 2009 Year in Review
24: 2010 Predictions
21: Best LittleCo of 2009 & Most Promising for 2010
20: RSS Reader Market in Disarray, Continues to Decline
20: Captchas Get Political
19: Weekly Wrapup Special: Best Products & BigCo of 2009
18: Poll Results: ReadWriteWeb Readers Pick The Top 10 Products of 2009
17: Reader Poll: Top 10 Web Products of 2009 (Last Chance to Vote!)
17: BlueKai: Intent Data or Black Box?
16: Best BigCo of 2009
16: Morgan Stanley: Mobile Internet Market Will Be Twice The Size of Desktop Internet
15: Interim Results: Vote Now For Your Favorite Web Products of 2009
15: How Google Can Combat Content Farms
14: Vote Now For Your Favorite Web Products of 2009
13: Content Farms: Why Media, Blogs & Google Should Be Worried
10: iBARCODE: Real-Time Price Search Engine Launches
9: wikiHow vs. eHow: Is The Wiki Way Better Than Content Farms?
8: Top 10 Internet of Things Products of 2009
7: What is The Memex? Xerox Presents Trailmeme
6: Favrd Shuts Down – Not Twitter’s Last Laugh (Thank you, Textism)
5: Weekly Wrapup: Best Web Products 2009, Part 1
4: FedEx Joins the Internet of Things With SenseAware
2: Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009
1: Introducing ReadWriteWeb’s New COO: Sean Ammirati


30: Totally Virtual: How ReadWriteWeb Operates
30: Your Favorite Mobile Apps: Facebook, Tweetie, Google Maps, Foursquare, and More
28: Weekly Wrapup: World’s Most Influential Websites, Thanksgiving Apps, New AOL Branding, And More…
27: Your Favorite Mobile Apps of 2009 (Reader Survey)
24: The Most Influential Websites in the World: Wikipedia #1, Twitter #4 With a Bullet
24: Mint Data Shows Online Retail Rebounding
23: Online Retail Thriving: 8% Growth Expected This Holiday Season
22: Top Internet Trends of 2000-2009: E-commerce
21: Weekly Wrapup: Google Chrome OS, Obama’s Twitter, Blogging Statistics, And More…
18: A Central Nervous System for Earth: HP’s Ambitious Sensor Network
18: Top Internet Trends of 2000-2009: Democratization of News Media
16: Tim Berners-Lee in Africa: Web Foundation Announces 2 New Projects
13: Ad-Driven Content – Is it Crossing The Line?
12: How Demand Media Produces 4,000 Pieces of Content a Day
11: ReadWriteWeb Spain: Our Fourth Country Channel
11: Top Internet Trends of 2000-2009: Online Music
10: 40% of People “Friend” Brands on Facebook
9: 5 Years On: ReadWriteWeb’s 2004 Interview With Tim O’Reilly
7: Weekly Wrapup: Mega Content Sites, Gen Y on Twitter, iPhone App Recommendation Services, And More…
5: The Age of Mega Content Sites – and Demand Media
4: Sensors on Shipping Containers: IBM Launches New Tracking Software
2: Whatever Happened To… Newsvine
1: Apple Will Soon Overtake RIM in Consumer Smartphone Market


31: Weekly Wrapup: The Web in 5 Years, Hulu’s Plans, Google Wave Use Cases, And More…
30: Google Wave Use Cases: Arts & Filmmaking
29: Google Wave Use Cases: Education
28: Brizzly Adds Facebook – Aims to be The of Social Media (2000 Invites Below!)
26: IBM Debuts Food Traceability iPhone App
21: Web 2.0 Panel: Humans as Sensors
21: Emerging Internet Trends: An Analysis of Mary Meeker’s Web 2.0 Summit Presentation
20: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Presentation 2009
20: Web 2.0 Summit Opens: Today’s Revolution Akin to Web 2.0 in 2004
13: Top 100 Real-Time Web Companies
10: Weekly Wrapup: Countdown to The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit
6: Business Models of The Internet of Things – An Analysis of Pachube’s Open Source Platform
5: Applications From The Internet of Things – An Analysis of Pachube
5: Announcing Our Third Country Channel: ReadWriteWeb Brazil
3: Weekly Wrapup: Google Wave, Real-Time Web Trends, And More…
1: Pachube Adds Real-Time Notifications – More Power to The Internet of Things


RWW was at the forefront of Internet of Things, right from the start.

28: Should YouTube Scrap its Ratings System and Rely on Implicit User Data?
28: Top 50 Real-Time Web Companies
23: Report: The Future of RFID Smart Cards Looks Bright
22: How to Use Tumblr, Posterous & Other Light Blogging Services
19: Weekly Wrapup: The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit
17: Poll: Which Light Blogging Service Do You Use?
15: Twine Traffic Falls – New Version Coming, But it’s Make or Break Time
14: ReadWriteWeb’s Top 5 Web Trends of 2009
12: Weekly Wrapup: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009, New iTunes Features, Real-Time Blogs, And More…
11: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Internet of Things
10: Facebook Lite Goes Live – More Twitter Imitation
10: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Mobile Web & Augmented Reality
9: TweepML Launches Twitter Groups Service & OPML-like Format
9: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Personalization
8: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: The Real-Time Web
7: Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Structured Data
6: Gmail Ads Within Email Thread – Is This New?
5: Weekly Wrapup: Smart Cards, Android, eReader Pricing, And More…
2: Hong Kong’s Octopus Card: Utility Outweighs Privacy Concerns
2: Eqentia Launches Semantic Portals – Competes with OpenCalais, Evri
1: The Cutting Edge of Smart Cards: Japan’s Suica Card


31: Oyster Card: 10 Million + RFID Chips in London
29: Weekly Wrapup: Augmented Reality Apps, Top U.S. Websites, Tweeting Teens, And More…
27: Break Media: Funny Videos Formula Still Works
26: 31 Million Copied and Pasted Web Pages Can’t Go Wrong
25: Demand Media Is a Page View Generating Machine – And it’s Working
24: Top 50 U.S. Web Properties: Facebook Enters Top 5 For The First Time
24: 5 Ways Sentiment Analysis is Ramping Up in 2009
22: Weekly Wrapup: 10 Exciting Web Apps, Top Twitter Clients, State of Netbook Market, And More…
20: Top 10 Most Exciting Web Apps or Services
19: Poll: What 3 Web Apps or Services Excite You Most?
18: How to Use Facebook: 5 Tips For Better Social Networking
17: Kovio & The Search for Low Cost RFID Tags
15: Weekly Wrapup: Facebook Buys FriendFeed, Distributed Social Networking, Google Caffeine, And More…
14: Should Consumers Fear The Internet of Things?
12: Accountants & Bean Counters: What The Internet of Things Means For You
11: Gartner Hype Cycle 2009: Web 2.0 Trending Up, Twitter Down
11: Product Managers & Marketers: What The Internet of Things Means For You
10: WideNoise: Monitor Noise Levels on Your iPhone
8: Weekly Wrapup: Real Time Delicious, Read/Write Digg, Web Squared, And More…
6: Practice Fusion Partners With Salesforce – But Is Cloud Computing Suitable For Healthcare?
5: Web Squared: When Web 2.0 Meets Internet of Things
4: One Year On: Imeem Hype Falls Flat
1: Weekly Wrapup: Microsoft-Yahoo Deal, Twitter Re-Design, Internet Fridges, And More…


30: The End of Lost Luggage? RFID Slowly Coming to Airports
29: RFID: State of the Market
28: Internet Fridges: State of the Market
26: Consumer Electronics 2.0: MIT’s Henry Holtzman on The Internet of Things
25: Weekly Wrapup: Why Amazon Bought Zappos, IBM’s Internet of Things, The Mythical GDrive, And More…
23: Automate Your Home Using ioBridge and Twitter
22: MQTT Poised For Big Growth – an RSS For Internet of Things?
22: IBM and The Internet of Things
21: The Tweeting House: Twitter + Internet of Things
19: The Wearable Internet Will Blow Mobile Phones Away
18: Weekly Wrapup: Apple App Store Stats, The State of Adobe AIR, Book Publishing Revolutions, And More…
17: Fluid Voice: CB Radio for the Web 3.0 Era
16: Web-Connected Bathroom Scale Gets Set For Launch
15: Cross Reality Will Change Your Life, But at What Cost to Your Privacy?
14: Cross Reality: When Sensors Meet Virtual Reality
13: Siri: Virtual Personal Assistant Prepares For Debut
12: Editor’s Pick: 10 Things We’re Dying to Know About Chrome OS
12: Editor’s Pick: Does Twitter Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize
12: Editor’s Pick: Six Reasons to Stick with Your Startup
11: Weekly Wrapup: Tim Berners-Lee Interview, Google Chrome OS, Social Network Stats, And More…
9: ReadWriteWeb Interview With Tim Berners-Lee, Part 2: Search Engines, User Interfaces for Data, Wolfram Alpha, And More…
8: ReadWriteWeb Interview With Tim Berners-Lee, Part 1: Linked Data
6: Web-Connected Light Sensors With Pachube & Arduino
6: Wolfram|Alpha: The Use Cases
4: Weekly Wrapup: Facebook Privacy, FriendFeed Trolls, iPhone Push, And More…
3: Digital Media M&A;: Mobile & Analytics Deals Up, Social Media Down


16: The State of the Market in Semantic Technologies
13: Weekly Wrapup: iPhone 3GS, Real-Time Web Platforms, Social Media Trolls, And More…
10: DailyPerfect: Latest News Aggregator to Attempt Personalization
9: The Digital Magazine: Has its Time Come?
8: NYC Waterfalls: How Real-Time Cellphone Data Can Impact Local Economies
6: Weekly Wrapup: Google Wave Hands-On, Microsoft Bing Goes Live, Real-Time Cellphone Data, And More…
3: The Emerging World of Real-Time Cellphone Data
2: NASA Uses Semantic Web to Help Power its Constellation Program
1: Bing Goes – Is it More Than Just Hot Air?
1: Introducing 2 New Writers: Steven Walling and Dana Oshiro


Social media sharing buttons became prominent in early 2009.

31: Weekly Wrapup: Google Wave, Microsoft Bing, What’s New in ’09, And More…
29: Enterprises, Struggling to Manage Your Data? Try The Semantic Web
28: CNET Partners with Thomson Reuters on Linked Data Initiative
28: Blogs & Premium Content: GigaOM Launches Subscription Service
27: Obama Inauguration: Check Out These Real-Time Visualizations
25: Web Trends: What’s New in 2009, Part 2
25: Mir:ror: A Glimpse Into The Future of an RFID World
23: Weekly Wrapup: Linked Data, Facebook Adds OpenID, What’s New in ’09, And More…
22: Minority Report Interfaces: Coming to a Screen Near You
21: LifeCase & LifeApp Solution Wins $10,000 Diabetes Challenge
20: Your Favorite Location-Based Mobile Apps
20: Web 3.0 or Not, There’s Something Different About 2009
18: Visible Past: Where Information Searches For You
18: Linked Data is Blooming: Why You Should Care
17: Shopping 2.0: Current E-commerce Trends (Redux)
16: Weekly Wrapup: Google Search Options, Twitter Repliesgate, Web 3.0, And More…
15: Augmented Reality & The Web: Present and Future Scenarios
14: Understanding the New Web Era: Web 3.0, Linked Data, Semantic Web
13: Google Apps Continues Push Into Enterprise: 30,000 New Users at Valeo
13: Google Search Evolves – But Has Google Finally Lost its Core Focus?
12: Report: Mobile Website Performance Getting Worse
12: IBM CoScripter: Automate Web Processes
11: Times Wire: New York Times Experiments With Real Time News, FriendFeed Style
9: Weekly Wrapup: Real Time Web, Larger Kindle, CloneCloud, And More…
4: Pachube: Building a Platform for Internet-Enabled Environments
2: Weekly Wrapup: Facebook vs Twitter, State of the Web, Google Public Data, And More…


28: Report: Web Office Support, Expectations Still Low in Enterprises
26: New RWW Writer: Jolie O’Dell
25: Weekly Wrapup: State of the Smartphone, Google Me, Oprah on Twitter, And More…
23: GeoCities Closure Signals End of an Era – Will Others Survive on Freemium Model?
18: Weekly Wrapup: Social Media Monitoring, Future of Firefox, eBay Sells StumbleUpon, And More…
15: Web as Platform For Research on Oceans, Galaxies
11: Weekly Wrapup: Future of Mobile Phones, Sensors and Social Networks, Brands Using Twitter, And More…
9: When Sensors and Social Networks Mix
7: Web Trend Map 4 in Final Beta
6: Sense Networks: 4 Million Sensors to Help You Find a Party in San Francisco
6: Susan Scrupski Joins ReadWriteWeb as VP Enterprise Content and Programs
6: Real Time Cities, or Just Info Porn?
3: Weekly Wrapup: Web 2.0 Expo, Skype for iPhone, Local Web, And More…


30: RWW Live: The Local & Mobile Web
28: Weekly Wrapup: Ghost Twittering, Charges, Future of Firefox, And More…
25: Fennec Reaches Beta – How is Mozilla’s Mobile Web Browser Shaping Up?
24: The Future of Firefox: Interview With Mozilla’s Chief Innovation Officer
23: ChoiceStream Brings Recommendations to Online Advertising
21: Weekly Wrapup: iPhone 3.0, Facebook Privacy Controls, Web-based Books, And More…
19: Diabetes Device Connects Wirelessly to iPhone
17: IBM Announces Web-Based Radiology Theatre
11: InSTEDD: Enabling Collaboration in Third World Countries
10: Sensors, Smart Content, and the Future of News
10: Objects as a Service: Zipcar and Bag Borrow or Steal
9: How to: Work on Stuff That Matters
7: Weekly Wrapup: New Facebook Homepages, Kindle for iPhone, DEMO Smarter Web, And More…
3: How Loomia Aims to Drive Revenue for Media Websites in 2009
2: RWW Live: Online Travel
2: MyBuys: Recommendations as a Service
1: New RWW Writer: Phil Glockner


28: Weekly Wrapup: Facebook Principles, Amazon Public Data, Times Open, And More…
26: Sears Launches Bid For Tradespeople
21: Weekly Wrapup: Mobile World Congress, Yahoo Search, Internet in Cars, And More…
19: 10 Feature Requests For Google
19: Ben Goodger on Google Chrome
19: ATG Recommendations Aims to Predict Your Next Purchase
18: Suggest a Google Product Feature and Win a Ticket to Google I/O
16: Webstock 2009
16: Black Out Your Twitter Photo: NZ Copyright Law Protest Goes Viral
16: Apture Packs a Lot of Media Into a Little Pop-up
14: Weekly Wrapup: Facebook Overtakes MySpace, OpenID Success, Kindle 2, And More…
13: Why Wikipedia’s Policy to Blacklist Blogs is Outdated and Wrong
11: richrelevance: Is its Adaptive Recommender System the Next Generation?
10: Live Aid for Twitter
9: Presentation: Barack Obama’s Internet Strategy
9: People’s Music Store: Build Your Own Record Shop
8: Recommendation Systems: Interview with Satnam Alag
7: Weekly Wrapup: Google Latitude, Facebook Sentiment Engine, The Goverati, And More…
5: Baynote: Does Focusing on Real-Time Behavior Trump Amazon’s Technology?
4: Band Metrics: Music Analytics Service Readies Public Beta
2: RWW Live: Recommendation Engines


31: Weekly Wrapup: Recommender Systems, Social Media Trends, State of Blog Search, And More…
28: 5 Problems of Recommender Systems
28: Expert System Brings Semantic Smarts to Advertising
27: Gmail Gets Offline Support, Finally
27: Noovo: Tumblr on Steroids
26: A Guide to Recommender Systems
24: Weekly Wrapup: Obama Inauguration on the Web
22: Jinni: Wants to be Pandora for Movies
21: Netflix Prize: Will the $1 Million be Won in 2009?
19: RWW Live: OpenID
18: 2008 New Media M&A; & Investment Round Up
17: Weekly Wrapup: Google Product Purge, Jailbroken iPhones, Enterprise RSS, And More…
15: Calais 4.0 Released: Linked Data Meets the Commercial Web
10: Weekly Wrapup: 2009 Web Predictions, iTunes Drops DRM, Twitter Security Scare, And More…
9: Report: Community Platforms Market Led by Jive Software and Telligent
8: Startup Tips: Surviving & Thriving in a Down Economy
7: Semantic Web Wish List 2009
7: Video: History of the Internet
6: Report: Cloud-Based Email Cheapest Option for Most Companies
6: iTunes Goes DRM Free – But No Social Network Just Yet
5: RWW Live: Running a Startup in a Down Economy
5: Report: Intranets Increased Collaboration Support in 2008
4: Red iPhone Photos
4: 10 Mobile Social Networks to Check Out