RWW 2008

December 2008


31: What’s Next After Web 2.0
30: 2009 Web Predictions
28: Social Media Trends 2009, TrendsSpotting
25: First Look at Blue Spruce, IBM’s Next Generation Browser Platform
23: RWW Live Special: 2008 Year in Review (Updated With Audio)
23: Top 100 Products of 2008
22: Best LittleCo of 2008 & Most Promising for 2009
21: Top 10 Web Platforms of 2008
20: Weekly Wrapup: Best BigCo & Products ’08, Social Media Predictions ’09, And More…
19: Do U E-Fax?
18: Best BigCo of 2008: Apple
17: Report: Enterprise Virtual Worlds More Effective Than Web Conferencing
15: Favorite Podcasts of the ReadWriteWeb Community
15: OpenX Feeling Bullish – Ad Server Company Announces Strong Growth
14: The Year in Internet Radio: CBS The Big Mover
13: Weekly Wrapup: Top Web Products of 2008, Shopping 2.0, MySpaceID, And More…
11: Shopping 2.0: Current E-commerce Trends
10: Shopping 2.0: How to Target a Niche & Create Community
10: Report: Corporate Blogs Not Trusted
9: 10 Wish List Websites For The Holiday Shopping Season
9: RWW Live: Shopping 2.0
8: G1’s Android Web Browser in Action
8: MuseWorx “Marketing Operating System” Showing Good Growth
7: Coldplay Are to, as Beatles Were to Billboard
6: Weekly Wrapup: Open Social Networks, Education 2.0, Nokia N97, And More…
3: The Distributed Social Networking Puzzle: Putting The Pieces Together
2: Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008
1: Google’s New Open Stack Expanding – Sans Facebook, Microsoft
1: ReadWriteWeb Gets a COO: Bernard Lunn


30: ://URLFAN – Perhaps The Best Influence Index on The Web
29: Weekly Wrapup: Health 2.0, Tips for Web BigCos, Jobwire Graphs, And More…
27: NaNoWriMo: ‘National Novel Writing Month’ Still Going Strong After 10 Years
27: IBM: Talking Web Will be Commonplace in 5 Years
26: MyMedLab: Are You Qualified to Interpret Your Lab Tests?
25: Your Favorite Mobile Web Apps & Sites
24: RWW Live: Health 2.0 (UPDATE: Recording Now Available)
24: Health 2.0 Through the Eyes of a Diabetic – One Year Later
22: Weekly Wrapup: Google Search Wiki, Semantic Apps, Mozilla Addons, And More…
21: RWW on Strange Love Live, 10pm PST Tonight
20: I Want My MTV? Not Anymore, Music Promotion Moves to Web
20: 10 More Semantic Apps to Watch
17: 10 Semantic Apps to Watch – One Year Later
15: Weekly Wrapup: MySpace Profiles, IBM Blue Spruce, Windows Live, And More…
13: Etelos White Labels its Platform – Squarely Targeting Enterprise
12: Republicans Use Social Media Too
10: Exclusive: First Look at Blue Spruce, IBM’s Next Generation Browser Platform
10: RWW Live: Online Tools for Career Discovery & Job Searching
8: Weekly Wrapup: Web 2.0 Summit & Election Edition
6: Number of US Health 2.0 Consumers Now at 60 Million
5: Video Coverage of Web 2.0 Summit
5: Mary Meeker at Web 2.0 Summit: There is Hope
4: Obama!
3: AltSearchEngines and last100 Go Indie
3: The Future of Enterprise 2.0 Technologies
1: Weekly Wrapup: Microsoft Azure, Google Chrome, iPhone Apps, And More…


29: Win a Free Ticket to NewTeeVee Live
28: Microsoft Office Comes to the Browser (Finally)
27: Microsoft Azure Aims to Re-define the OS
27: Ray Ozzie Announces Windows Azure – “Windows in the Cloud”
25: Weekly Wrapup: Platform Blues, Web 3.0, Android Apps, And More…
22: Report: Social Web Usage Tipped in 2008
21: ReadWriteWeb Presents: Sramana Mitra’s Web 3.0 Roundtable
20: Twine Launches 1.0 Version – Eyes Facebook, Google Reader, Delicious, Digg, …
20: RWW Live: Online Personal Finance
18: Weekly Wrapup: After Web 2.0, Newsfeeds, Recommendation Technologies, And More…
16: ReadWriteWeb Lance Une Version Fran├žaise
16: ReadWriteWeb Presents: Sramana Mitra’s Web 3.0 Roundtable
16: Web 3.0 Manifesto Published – Suggest a Web 3.0 App and Win a Defrag Ticket!
15: Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health – The ‘Coke and Pepsi’ of Online Health
14: What’s Next After Web 2.0? Here’s What You Told Us…
12: Report: Enterprise 2.0 Apps Will Dramatically Fall in Price
11: What’s Next After Web 2.0
11: Weekly Wrapup: Mobile Web, Google RSS, Social Shopping, and More
10: Zoho Mail Gets Offline Support via Google Gears – Ahead of Gmail
8: Google Health: Do a Search And Call Me in The Morning…
7: ReadWriteWeb Expands Silicon Forest Empire – Rick Turoczy Joins Us
6: RWW Live: Mobile Web Development
5: Will Google Use Chrome to Index Password Protected Web?
4: Weekly Wrapup: Nokia’s iPhone Competitor, Netflix API, RDF Apps, and More
3: Interview With Founder Richard Jones: Part 3, Design & Features
2: Interview With Founder Richard Jones: Part 2, Online Music Business Models
2: Swirrl: Newly Launched Semantic Web Wiki
1: Interview With Founder Richard Jones: Part 1, The Competition
1: Imeem Re-design: Less Clutter, More to Explore
1: Where Are All The RDF-based Semantic Web Apps?


A proud moment: RWW syndicated onto the New York Times website.

29: Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time, 2008 Edition
27: Weekly Wrapup: Google Phone, MySpace Music, and More!
25: Google-Yahoo Ad Deal – The Facts (According to Google)
25: Religion and Web Technology, Part 3: Inside Islam
24: State of the Mobile Web: Long Tail Sites Increase Their Presence
23: New York Times Syndicates ReadWriteWeb
23: Religion and Web Technology, Part 2: Shalom Hartman Institute
22: Top Digg User Zaibatsu Banned – Reactions from Both Zaibatsu and Digg Management
22: RWW Live: Data Portability
21: Religion and Web Technology, Part 1:
20: Weekly Wrapup, 15-19 September 2008
19: Do Semantic Search Companies Need a Semantic Map? It’s All Semantics…
19: Cisco Acquires Jabber (The Company, Not The Standard)
19: Chrome Market Share: WebTrends Says 2%; Over 7% at ReadWriteWeb
17: Are You a Super Influencer?
17: Smart Phone Apps: Gaming & Entertainment Most Popular
16: Cognition Announces “World’s Largest Semantic Map”
15: Report: Nearly 70% of Businesses Allow Social Media Usage
13: Weekly Wrapup, 8-12 September 2008
11: Dude, Where’s My App? 10 Web Apps We Wish Hadn’t Disappeared
8: RWW Live: Chrome & Its Impact on The Browser Market
8: RWW Predictions: Browser Wars 2.0
6: Weekly Wrapup: Special Chrome Edition
5: Word Processing: Most of You Still Use Desktop Software
5: Chrome Not Ready For Enterprise
3: Report: Hulu a More Successful Business Than YouTube
3: Video of Google Chrome Announcement
1: Google Video for Business Launches: YouTube for Enterprise
1: Poll: Which Word Processing Tool Do You Mostly Use?


31: Comparing Web Platforms
30: Weekly Wrapup, 25-29 August 2008
29: Statistics: Online Music Apps
26: Future of Online Music – Industry Players Discuss
26: Amazon Buys Shelfari and its Innovative UI
25: RWW Live: Online Music (Special Guests From Imeem, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody)
24: Online Accounting: State of the Market
24: Poll: Streaming Music Services
23: Weekly Wrapup, 18-22 August 2008
20: 10 Promising Web Platforms
19: Most Popular Websites For Kids
19: What Three Web Apps Excite You Most?
16: Weekly Wrapup, 11-15 August 2008
14: How Web Technology is Boosting Productivity in Organizations
11: RWW Live: Future of Blogging
11: Imeem Taking Off – Before MySpace Music Has Even Launched
10: Online China Overview
9: Weekly Wrapup, 4-8 August 2008
7: Winners: Web 2.0 Expo NY Competition
6: The Olympics & Social Media Marketing
5: Practice Fusion: ‘Google Apps For Doctors’ Ramps Up
4: ‘Web Meets World’ Competition: Win Tickets to NYC Web 2.0 Expo
4: Mainstream Web Watch: The Olympics & Online Video
3: Thanks RWW Sponsors; Email Us For Media Kit
2: Weekly Wrapup, 28 July – 1 August 2008


31: Marshall Kirkpatrick Joins RWW as VP Content Development
31: Defrag: Fixing Foundational Information Channels
30: Has The Web 2.0 Cycle Come to a Close? No
29: Study: Women Outnumber Men on Most Social Networks
28: Wow, How Did Cuil Get So Much Publicity on Day 1?!
28: Brandstreaming: What Is It & Who’s Doing It?
27: Mixed Messages in The Blogging Landscape
26: Weekly Wrapup, 21-25 July 2008
25: Multiply Accuses Facebook of Copying its Design
25: The ReadWriteWeb 12 Second Challenge
24: Android Is For The Masses, iPhone For The Rich
21: Nokia vs Apple in The Internet Mobile Device Market
20: More Amazon S3 Downtime: How Much is Too Much?
19: Weekly Wrapup, 14-18 July 2008
18: DEMOfall 08 Sessions Announced
17: Re-Design Goes Live, With New Lick of Paint (Literally)
15: Defrag: The Implicit Web and More
14: RWW Live: iPhonemania
14: RWW Predictions: iPhone Sales in 2008
12: Weekly Wrapup, 7-11 July 2008
11: Results: RWW Predictions & Polls (FriendFeed, Bigcos, Google Docs)
10: iPhone 3G In The Flesh
8: New: ReadWriteWeb Companies
8: Telco Greed Overshadows iPhone 3G Launch
8: Vodafone NZ Charges “Like a Wounded Bull” For iPhone 3G
7: ReadWriteWeb Predictions: Twitter vs FriendFeed
7: Poll: Best Internet Bigcos of 2008
6: Thanks RWW Sponsors; Email Us For Media Kit
5: Weekly Wrapup, 30 June – 4 July 2008
3: ReadWriteWeb Integrates FriendFeed Into Our Comments
1: Adobe Makes Flash Searchable – The Holy Grail of Website Usability?


29: Best of RWW: Making Facebook Useful
28: Weekly Wrapup, 23-27 June 2008
26: Why iYomu, a Social Network for Old People, Expired
25: Mainstream Web Watch: OleOle Football
24: Nokia Acquires Symbian; Takes on Google’s Android
23: Mainstream Web Watch:
21: New ReadWriteWeb Bloggers: Frederic Lardinois & Corvida
21: Weekly Wrapup, 16-20 June 2008
20: Josh Catone Leaving ReadWriteWeb
19: Accoona, Once Pretender to Search Throne… Now Niche B2B Service
19: Mainstream Web Watch:
17: DivShare Security Scare – More Trouble in Online Storage Space
16: Yahoo Clings to Its Leading Web “Starting Points”
16: UPDATED! Poll: Which Instant Messaging Client(s) Do You Use?
15: Yahoo: ‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’ Approach Not Paying Dividends
15: Wanted: News & Product Reviews Writer
15: How The Web is Enabling Consumer-Driven Healthcare
14: Weekly Wrapup, 9-13 June 2008
14: Poll Result: 52% Like or Love iPhone 2.0
12: Geocities 2.0: Website Creation Tools for The Social Web
11: Live Blogging Future of the Web Debate
11: Future of the Web Debate – Starts in 2 Hours!
10: Re-design: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
9: iPhone 2.0 Big in Bubbleland, But 2-3 Years Behind the Times in The Real World?
9: 10 Mobile Social Networks to Check Out
9: Bonnaroo Mobile: Buzzd Brings Mobile Social Networking to Music Festival
7: Weekly Wrapup, 2-6 June 2008
6: Future of the Web Debate: Submit Your Questions Here
5: Obama vs McCain Website Smackdown
4: Survey: 48% of Bank Customers Want Web 2.0 Gadgets
2: Eurekster Back Up After 10 Days Offline; Rumors That Google Behind its Decline
1: Future of the Web Debate: Needs Your Votes!


31: Weekly Wrapup, 26-30 May 2008
29: Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond: Update
29: What Google Looks For in Potential Acquisitions
29: Google’s Android: How Will it Compare to iPhone?
27: Mobile 2.0 Europe: RWW Has 5 Free Tickets
27: Why Google is Wooing Web Developers
26: Results: Data Portability’s Future
25: Thanks RWW Sponsors; Packages Available June-July
25: Book Review: Inside Steve’s Brain
24: Weekly Wrapup, 19-23 May 2008
23: Interactive Debate on Web’s Future, Featuring Tim Berners-Lee
22: RWW Live: Episode 1
21: Reality TV Show for Startups Announced; RWW Editor a Judge
19: Google Health Launches – Cautious, Non-Innovative Entry into Health 2.0
18: last100 Competition: Name Your Top 5 Digital Lifestyle Products, Win a Computer!
13: comScore: Yahoo! Buzz Overtakes Digg in April
13: What’s Next for Data Portability & Why is Facebook Still Holding Back?
8: Sends a Ton of Talkative Traffic
5: Omnidrive CEO Nik Cubrilovic: We’re Not Dead. Again.
5: Thanks Sponsors
4: Semantic Web Gang: Wikipedia for Data
3: Weekly Wrapup, 28 Apr – 2 May 2008
2: The Favorite Web Apps of RWW Readers
1: Interview: How Will Live Mesh Integrate With Windows Live?


30: Nevermind The Recession, The Web Will Change The World!
29: Strands Acquires Expensr, Launches moneyStrands
28: Report: Social Media Challenging Traditional Media
28: Early Stats Show Twitter Taking Off in Japan
27: Weekly Wrapup, 21-25 April 2008
23: Tim O’Reilly: Tackle Big, Hard Problems With Web 2.0
23: Full Text of Ray Ozzie Mesh Memo
23: Bungee Labs Evolves to Compete With Salesforce & Others
22: Ray Ozzie Memo Explains Live Mesh Strategy
21: Alternative Search Engines Day – Call For Alts to Band Together
19: ReadWriteWeb Turns 5
19: Weekly Wrapup, 14-18 April 2008
17: Web 2.0 Expo Competition Winners
16: Competition: Win a Free Pass to Web 2.0 Expo
16: The Decline and Fall of Tech on Digg
15: Facebook Lexicon Launches – Google Trends for Facebook
14: TwitLinks: The Techmeme of Twitter?
13: Conferences: Web 2.0 Expo, Structure 08, Google I/O, SemTech 08 & More
13: AltSearchEngines Get Together: Monday 21 April, San Francisco
12: Weekly Wrapup, 7-11 April 2008
11: What is Music 2.0?
10: Windows “Collapsing” – 2011 Tipping Point For Web Apps In The Enterprise
10: Qitera – Stealth Semantic App Sounds Like Twine Competitor
9: Play The News: Google App Engine
9: Using Semantic Search to Cure Disease, Prevent Animal Testing
8: Google Takes Down HuddleChat After Complaints About 37Signals Ripoff
8: Google App Engine: Cloud Control to Major Tom
6: Office Live Workspace: Will Microsoft’s “Bridging” Strategy Work?
6: Thanks Sponsors
6: Weekly Wrapup, 31 Mar – 4 Apr 2008
1: Announcing: The Search Race


31: April 1st, The Annual Day Without Google – Can You Live Without It For One Day?
31: Facebook to Crowdsource Chinese Translation – China Launch Imminent?
30: Mobile Web Trends & Products, March ’08 Update
30: Facebook vs Asia’s Top Social Networks
26: Comment of the Day: Semantic Marketing
25: Comment of the Day: Despite Concerns, OpenSocial Foundation a Positive Move
25: Introducing The Semantic Web Gang
25: Comment of the Day: Facebook Security Lapse is Weeks Old
23: Thanks Sponsors; Packages Available April-May
23: Comment of the Day: Oprah, Jericho, & The Mainstreaming of Online Media
22: Weekly Wrapup, 17-21 March 2008
21: Joost Coming to The Browser
21: Comment of the Day: Lifestreaming Helps Blog Comments
19: Aggregate Knowledge’s Content Discovery – How Good is it, Really?
19: Comment of the Day: Time For iTunes to Become More Social
19: New Facebook Privacy Options Go Live – May Overwhelm Users
19: Comment of the Day: WiMax is The Future of Web Access
18: Exclusive: Blogdigger Acquired by Odeo
18: Hakia Licenses its Semantic Search Technology
17: Comment of the Day: Reading (and Writing) Online
17: Slideshare Ramping Up – Leading Online Presentations App?
16: Poll: Are You Using FriendFeed?
16: Comment of the Day: OpenEMR (Electronic Medical Record)
16: Yahoo Buzz is a Game Changer for Social Media; And Spells Trouble for Digg!
15: Comment of the Day: More Sites for Finding Wonderful Things
15: Weekly Wrapup, 10-14 March 2008
14: Internet TV Update: Hulu, Joost, TiVo
13: Comment of the Day: Visualizing the Real Time Web
13: AOL + Bebo = Still No Market Differentiation
12: Comment of the Day: Could Sting Play Ray Ozzie?
12: MyStrands Offers $100k for Best Recommender Start-up
12: YouTube Expands API Set – Including Upload, Player APIs
12: Comment of the Day: All We Are Saying is Give Twine a Chance…
11: On Alltop and RSS For The Masses
11: Reuters Open Calais Update: Apps Progress, Interview
11: Comment of the Day: iPhone No Match For Windows Mobile on Exchange Features
10: Grooveshark $1000 Giveaway; News: Analytics Suite Will Launch Soon
10: Poll: iPhone Exchange Support; Did Microsoft Make a Mistake?
9: 3 Comment of the Day Winners
7: Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond
6: Comment of the Day: IE8 As Much About Google as Firefox
5: Comment of the Day: GoogleLookUp is “Wow”
4: Comment of the Day: Family Twitters
3: Poll: Will Your Mom & Dad Ever Use Twitter?
3: AllPeers Closes – What Happened to the Glorious Future of P2P?
2: Bitstrips Launching at SXSW: “YouTube For Comics”
1: Comment of the Day: Socialthing! Could be SXSW Breakout App
1: Weekly Wrapup, 25-29 Feb 2008
1: Comment of the Day: Lifestreaming Irony


February 2008

28: Comment of the Day: Google Apps Still Needs the IT Dept
27: Comment of the Day: First Base With Semantic Web
27: Comment of the Day: Bee-ware of Freeconomics
26: Comment of the Day: Build an Offline Browser
25: 10 Recommended Recommendation Engines
24: Thanks Sponsors; Packages Available March-April
23: Comment of the Day: Health 2.0 Web Apps
23: Weekly Wrapup, 18-22 Feb 2008
22: Comment of the Day: “Google Docs is Chock Full of Fail”
22: Digg Townhall To Address Censorship, Inequality
21: Top Health 2.0 Web Apps
21: Comment of the Day: Google Vulnerable, But Not From Lack of Features
20: Comment of the Day: Castro News… Ho Hum
20: Buzzd Cleans Up at Mobile Web Awards
19: Comment of the Day: Medical Diagnosis via Internet Coming Soon
19: Digg Gets More Mainstream; But Are Their News Sources Too Narrow Now?
19: Web 2.0 Meets Medicine: Focused on Communication
18: Comment of the Day: Hey You, Back Up My Cloud!
18: Top 10 Mashups
17: Weekly Wrapup, 11-15 Feb 2008
17: Comment of the Day: Semantic Web “Great For Diddling”
15: Comment of the Day: R.E.M. Video = Open Source As In Linux
14: Comment of the Day: Sync Kindle With iPhone
14: Tom Coates: Web of Data
14: PR Wire Service to Journalists & Bloggers: We Don’t Need You
13: Comment of the Day: Facebook’s Lip Service to Data Portability
13: The Future of Search: Peter Morville Defines, Shows Examples
12: Comment of the Day: OpenSocial is a “Social Cloud” For Developers, Not Users
12: The State of Mozilla and Open Source in Asia
12: Google’s Kevin Marks Introduces “The Social Cloud”
11: Comment of the Day: Advice for Big Media
10: Comments Competition: Win a Daily Prize!
10: GPhone Prototype Expected at Mobile World Congress
10: Upcoming Conferences: Webstock, WebVentures, Under The Radar, Graphing Social Patterns
10: Weekly Wrapup, 4-8 Feb 2008
10: Thanks Sponsors
8: When Facebook Ads Go Wrong
4: miVitals Takes Aim at Tough Online Health Market
3: Poll: Has Google Lost The Plot By Attacking Microsoft’s Bid For Yahoo?
2: Weekly Wrapup, 28 Jan – 1 Feb 2008


30: OnlinePrimary: Towards an Internet Election System
29: Thanks Sponsors & Readers
28: Chandler: No Version 1.0 After 7 Years – Can it Survive Post-Kapor?
28: Al Gore’s Current Files For $100M IPO
27: Meta 2008 Web Trends
26: Yahoo! Mobile: Claims Ubiquity, But What About Innovation & Speed to Market?
25: Weekly Wrapup, 21-25 Jan 2008
25: Quintura Launches Site Search – Private Beta Offer for RWW Readers
19: Weekly Wrapup, 14-18 Jan 2008
19: Crunchies – Thanks All (& An Apology)
17: Semantic Wave 2008 – Free Summary Report for RWW Readers
16: Exclusive: Sharpcast Launches SugarSync – Full Sync Between Web, PCs & Mobile
14: Brand Squatting: What To Do About It?
14: Google Unveils Slicker, Faster iPhone Interface
14: Lifestreaming: a ReadWriteWeb Primer
12: Weekly Wrapup, 7-11 January 2008
11: Best Technology Innovation / Achievement – Review of the 5 Crunchies Finalists
11: Last Batch of Crunchies Tickets
10: Poll: What Will Be Announced at Macworld?
10: Bebo Opens Up 100% in Bid For More Third Party Apps
9: Virtual Worlds Poised to Become Valuable Work Tools
9: Latest Web Jobs and Events
8: CES Highlights: PC-to-TV Devices, Internet-connected TVs
8: Welcome Sarah Perez to the RWW Team
7: Yahoo! Go 3.0 Announced at CES – is Yahoo! Back in ’08?
7: How Web Media is Usurping Old Media – Music, Video, More
7: Bill Gates at CES: No Web Fridges, But You Can Watch TV on Your Xbox 360
5: Weekly Wrapup, 31 Dec 2007 – 4 Jan 2008
5: Thanks Sponsors & Readers
3: Get Yer Crunchies Tickets (And Will Richter Scales Add RWW to Their Song?)
3: 2007 Year in Review: RWW Network Meta List