RWW 2007

By the end of 2007, RWW had its signature logo.


31: Open Media Web: Online Music
31: Top 10 Web Tech Stories of 2007
30: Best of ReadWriteWeb 2007, Editor’s Picks
29: AltSearchEngines Nominated for 3 Search Blog Awards
27: Digital Music in 2007- All About Experimentation
26: Top Web Apps & Sites of 2007
23: 2008 Web Predictions
23: New RWW Design: Update
22: Weekly Wrapup, 17-21 December 2007
21: Thanks Sponsors
21: Finalists Announced for Crunchies Awards
17: New Design For ReadWriteWeb
15: Weekly Wrapup, 10-14 December 2007
15: Most Promising for Web 2008: Open Source Movement
13: Omnidrive Heading for Deadpool? (Also See Updates)
13: Best Web LittleCo of 2007: Twitter
12: Bebo Adopts Facebook Platform; Facebook Opens Up its Platform Architecture
12: Movable Type Goes Open Source Today
12: Zoho Show 2.0 Unveiled – Compares Well to Powerpoint, One-Ups Google
11: Where to Watch NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL Online
11: The Economist’s Oxford 2.0 Debates
10: Best Web BigCo of 2007: Facebook
9: Top Web Apps in Germany, Redux – But How Many Are Global?
9: Latest Web Jobs and Events
8: Social Websites As Games – How to Win at Digg, YouTube, Facebook
8: Weekly Wrapup, 3-7 December 2007
7: Coke’s Virtual World Web Strategy: The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same
7: Google Docs the Clear Leader in Web Office Market
6: MingleNow to Close 7 January – Forced By Yahoo?
6: How Not to Pitch a Blogger, #648
6: Google Docs & Spreadsheets Usage Increasing – But is Google Apps the Market Leader?
5: Web Office: 2007 Year in Review
5: OpenID 2.0 Finally Launched
4: Poll: Is the Technorati Percolator Useful as a News Aggregator?
3: 3.3 Billion Mobile Phone Subscriptions; 35% of US Tweens Own a Mobile phone
3: The Crunchies Awards – Nominations Open
2: JotSpot to Spawn Google Sites – Can it Make Intranet CMS Dinosaurs Extinct?
2: Facebook App Developers Square Off: RockYou! Overtakes Slide
2: Thanks Sponsors
1: Weekly Wrapup, 26-30 November 2007


30: Social Networks Study Released – MySpace & Facebook Are Different After All!
30: Blogger Beta Ships OpenID
29: 10 Semantic Apps to Watch
28: NASDAQ Internet Index – No Microsoft, News Corp?
27: Forrester: RIAs Will Replace Microsoft Office & Portals on Front End
27: RWW Job Board Highlights
26: A Health 2.0 Overview, Through the Eyes of a New Diabetic
25: Poll: Are You Using the Mobile Web?
24: Weekly Wrapup, 19-23 November 2007
23: Live Documents Enters Web Office Market With PR Bluster – Embrace & Extend its Motto
22: Social Graph & Beyond: Tim Berners-Lee’s Graph is The Next Level
22: Has Rupert Murdoch Been Reading RWW? News Corp Rumored to Buy LinkedIn
21: Feedster Quietly Dies… So Which Blog Search Engine Do You Use?
20: Let’s Focus on Web Innovation Again!
18: Amazon Sets eBook World Alight with Kindle – Finally, Time For Read/Write Books!
18: Polldaddy Gets Serious
16: Weekly Wrapup, 12-16 November 2007
16: Thanks Sponsors
16: RWW Must Reads
15: 5 Essential Mobile Web Apps
14: Internet TV Startups – Outlook Bleak?
13: Winners of ‘Tell Us Your Favorite Mobile Web App’ Contest
12: OpenSocial and Facebook Stats from Rapleaf
10: Contest: Tell Us Your Favorite Mobile Web App!
10: Read/WriteWeb Jobs Available: Silicon Valley Writer, Webmaster
10: Weekly Wrapup, 5-9 November 2007
9: Voting Irregularities in Weblog Awards 2007? Engadget and Gizmodo Duke it Out
9: Will Facebook Join OpenSocial? R/WW Readers Split 50/50!
8: MySpace Hacks on the Rise – Musicians Hit
7: How a Startup Inspired HP’s Print 2.0 Strategy
6: Defrag Coverage: OpenSocial, Attention, Next-Level Discovery, More…
6: Read/WriteWeb Partners on The Crunchies
6: More Web Conferences (Including Ticket Giveaways, Discounts)
5: E-Government Meets Web 2.0: Goodbye Portals, Hello Web Services
5: Poll: Will Facebook Join OpenSocial?
5: Google Search Has 90% Market Share in France – Could This Happen Worldwide?
3: Read/WriteWeb up for Best Technology Blog, 2007 Weblog Awards
3: Weekly Wrapup, 29 October – 2 November 2007
2: Amazon S3 Exceeds 99.99% Uptime
1: New York Times Adds Techmeme-like Feature to Tech Section
1: Confirmed: MySpace Joins Google’s OpenSocial (More Analysis from R/WW to Follow)


The last iteration of this design.

31: Hakia Adds Social Networking – But Does Search Need Social Networking Features?
30: Google OpenSocial: The Third Place
30: Poll: Are We Still Changing the Web?
29: Plentyoffish: 1-Man Company May Be Worth $1Billion
29: Google Vulnerable to Alternative Search Engines?
29: ActionThis Launches Online Task Management Service – Free Offer for R/WW Readers
28: Upcoming Web Conferences
26: Weekly Wrapup, 22-26 October 2007
26: Admin: Comments Fixed & Faster; Note on Movable Type 4
25: Site Maintenance
24: Al Gore’s Current: Re-defining TV, Using the Web
24: Microsoft Beats Google on Facebook Deal; Valuation $15 Billion
23: 2007 Web 2.0 Summit Review: How the Web 2.0 Conference Has Evolved Over 2 Years
21: Weekly Wrapup, 15-19 October 2007
19: The New Era of Semantic Apps
19: On Web 3.0
19: Web 2.0 Summit Video
18: Twine: The First Mainstream Semantic Web App?
18: Web 2.0 Summit 2007: Mary Meeker and Internet Trends
18: MySpace Evolves – Developer Platform Details, Partnerships, Growth Figures
17: Web 2.0 Summit 2007: Mark Zuckerberg
17: Microsoft Partners with Atlassian & NewsGator – SharePoint Goes Web 2.0
16: How Zimbra Went From Web 2.0 Poster Child to $350M Yahoo! Acquisition, in 2 Years!
15: Across the Read/WriteWeb Network
15: Mobile 2.0 Launch Pad Part 2
15: Taptu Launches New Type of Mobile Search
15: Mobile 2.0 Launch Pad Part 1
15: Mobile 2.0 – The 7th Mass Media & Business Opportunities
13: Weekly Wrapup, 8-12 October 2007
12: Radiohead’s Pot Of Gold at The End of In Rainbows
12: Big Vendors Scrap for Enterprise 2.0 Supremacy
11: Poll: What is Radiohead’s Album Worth?
11: Mobile 2.0 Conference – Launch Pad Companies Announced
11: Music Industry Under Pressure: 5 Alternative Business Models
10: Hot Tip: Bebo Set to Announce Developer Platform Too
8: MoFuse Creates Mobile Version of Your Website
8: Why Facebook Should Introduce Filtering
7: Newsvine Acquired By MSNBC – Leading Citizen Journalism Site Snapped Up by MSM
6: Weekly Wrapup, 1-5 October 2007
3: Spread to Enlarge – Designing for iPhone, Wii and Other New Web Devices
3: Zoho DB Launched – Beats Google, Microsoft to Online Database
2: Internet TV’s Future is Set-Top Boxes
2: Top 100 Alt Search Engines, October 2007
2: Barnes & Re-Designed: Adds Some Web 2.0 Elements, But Still Far Behind
1: Beyond Blogs: Old & New Media Converge
1: Acquired by Rackspace – Subscription Model Does Work
1: Microsoft’s Muddled Web Office Strategy Continues – Office Live Workspaces


30: Weekly Wrapup, 24-28 September 2007
25: Sponsor Opportunities
25: Latest Read/WriteWeb Jobs & Events
25: 10 More Future Web Trends
24: WebEx WebOffice: It’s a Web Office Jim, But Not As We Know It
24: FeedHub Launches – Individualized RSS Feeds
23: Mobile 2.0 Startup Ecosystem
23: Thanks Sponsors
22: Weekly Wrapup, 17-21 September 2007
21: E-Commerce 2.0: Interview with Salim Ismail, Head of Yahoo! Brickhouse
20: Zimbra: Why Did Yahoo Buy Them?
18: Across the Read/WriteWeb Network
17: Confirmed: Google Presentations
17: Mozilla Launches New Email and Communications Organization, Similar to Firefox
17: Fear of Web 2.0
15: Weekly Wrapup, 10-14 September 2007
14: Non-Profits: Plenty of Web Resources, But How Much Success?
14: Google Presently Set For Launch Next Week
13: Marshall Kirkpatrick Joins Read/WriteWeb
13: SilverStripe – Open Source CMS Has Support From Google
12: Mojiti, China’s YouTube 2.0, in Acquisition Rumors
12: Across the Read/WriteWeb Network: Charity Search, Internet TV, Niche Social Networks
11: Non-Profits on Facebook and MySpace
11: Nokia’s MOSH Getting Uptake Outside US
11: iGoogle Releases Rugby World Cup Widgets
11: Zimbra: Google Apps Not Quite Ready For Enterprise
10: Microsoft Issues 10 Reasons Why Enterprises Shouldn’t Use Google Apps
9: Google Apps Goes After Enterprise Market – “Team Productivity” The Catchphrase
9: Poll: How Often Do You Donate To Charities Online?
9: Is The Web Still a Windfall For Non-Profits?
8: Social Network Quechup Accused of Spamming
8: Weekly Wrapup, 3-7 September 2007
7: Delicious Preview – Next Gen Search For Yahoo?
7: ShareOffice Gets More Apps and ShareMethods Gets iPhone Support
6: Zoho Business Announced – Web Office Suite To Compete With Google Apps
6: Google Reader Adds Search; Bloglines Playing Catch-up in Features
5: 10 Future Web Trends
4: Silverlight 1.0 Launched, With Linux Support
4: Bloglines vs Google Reader Update: Can Bloglines Hold On?
4: Across the Read/WriteWeb Network
4: MyStrands.TV Launched – It’s For Video
4: Magento Open Source eCommerce Platform – Preview Version Released
3: Thanks Sponsors
3: Poll: Top Web Technology During Next 10 Years
2: Microsoft to Release Windows Live Unified Installer This Week
2: Web Future Week
2: Simpsonize Yourself
1: Weekly Wrapup, 27-31 August 2007


31: Bloglines vs Google Reader – Who’s Really Winning?
30: Jooce – Challenging Facebook and WebOS Naysayers
29: Gasp! Google Adapts and Modifies Your Docs & Spreadsheets Content?! Yes, But…
29: Poll Update: Desktop Word Processing Still King
29: Gphone Concepts and Possible Specs
29: Web Office Defined – How it’s Evolved From 2005 to Present
28: Slide – One Million Flash Widgets Added Per Day
28: Read/WriteTalk: The People Behind The Web
28: NewsGator Launches Facebook App: NewsFriends
27: Poll: What Tool Do You Use For Word Processing?
27: Web Office Week
26: Bloglines Launches Beta Re-design and Start Page
26: Yahoo Mail Goes Ajax – Finally
26: Vint Cerf: Chief Internet Worrier
26: The Web is Alive and Well (But on a Stable and Boring Platform)
25: Attention Economy: All You Need To Know
25: Weekly Wrapup, 20-24 August 2007 (Note: Change in Format)
24: Web 2.0 Tools Favor Democrats
24: Mefeedia Promises 2nd Generation of Online Video
23: Top 10 Video Search Engines
23: NY Times Launches No-Frills Start Page, My Times
22: Finding the True Value of Web Technologies
22: New Video Player for
22: Facebook at Work – Slacking or Networking?
21: Conduit Labs Announces Funding to Build Social Online Gaming World
21: Tafiti – Microsoft Continues to Experiment With Visual Search
21: Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time
21: Zoho Writer Adds Offline Support
21: Groupware 2.0 – CollectiveX Launches Groupsites
20: Adobe Launches “Moviestar” Version of Flash Player – HD Television Quality for Web Video
20: Spock Traffic Surges – Number 1 Mover on Alexa
20: Google Launches Answers in China
19: Poll: Where Do You Watch or Download Online Video?
19: Online Video Week
17: Weekly Wrapup, 13-17 August 2007
17: Top 5 Online Music Streaming Services: The Velvets Test
16: – New RSS Reader Aims to Integrate Commenting
16: Online Music Poll Update: Edges Ahead of Pandora
16: Mobile Social Networking: MySpace, Facebook, MSN the Leading Services
15: Online Video Site Shuts Down
15: Extending Microsoft Money – The Web Needs an Alternative to Paypal
15: ThinkFree Reaches 1 Million Hosted Documents
14: Movable Type 4.0 Launched
14: The Filter Releases New Version of Music Recommendation Software
14: New Study Shows that Online Creativity and E-learning Popular with Kids
13: Web Tech News – New R/WW Links Blog
13: Online Music Week: Top 10 Music Search Engines, Live Concert Recordings on USB Sticks
13: Hotmail Updates – Windows Live 2.0 Taking Shape… Slowly
13: Poll Update: FineTune and Live365 Added
12: Poll: Your Favorite Streaming Music Service
12: Read/WriteWeb Files: Online Music
12: iYomu, Social Network for Adults, Launches With $1 Million Prize
12: StarOffice Added to Google Pack – Sun Comes Out Smiling
11: Weekly Wrapup, 6-10 August 2007
10: Mahalo Launches Toolbar – Aims to Convert Google Users
10: edgeio Launches Paid Content System
9: Windows Live SkyDrive Launched – Enters a Crowded Online Storage Market
9: Interview with Google’s Sep Kamvar, Lead Software Engineer for Personalization
8: IBM Report on “Media’s Mean Streets”
8: Zlio Partners With eBay’s in US
8: Social Shopping Startup Kaboodle Acquired by Hearst – And It’s Easy to See Why…
7: Dabble Do Launches – Social To-Do List for Facebook
7: How Effective is Google Personalized Search? 57% Say There’s No Difference, or it’s Worse!
7: Eric Schmidt Defines Web 3.0
7: iPhone vs Mobile Web
6: Firefox Launches Facebook App – a Social Network For Firefox Add-on Users
6: Why Aren’t Alt Search Engines Crawling Websites?
6: Poll: Has Personalization Improved Your Google Search Results?
5: Personalizing Google: Read/WriteWeb Files
5: Thanks Sponsors
4: Weekly Wrapup, 30 July – 3 August 2007
3: Sign O’ The Times: Billboard Adds Online Streaming Data to Charts
3: WebbAlert: Read/WriteWeb on TV
3: Panama, 6 Months On
2: Platform Wars: Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget
2: Microsoft Works to be Offered as Free, Ad-Supported Desktop Suite – No Browser Version?
2: Amazon in Your Living Room
1: Top 100 Alt Search Engines, August 2007
1: Can My Yahoo Compete With Facebook and iGoogle?


31: Social Networking Goes Global – Especially in North American Region
31: Tangler Launches Embedded Forums and Chat
31: Top 10 Yahoo! Properties
30: What is a Search Engine – Now and Future
30: 100 Days For Yahoo: Read/WriteWeb Files
29: Facebook App, Lending Club, Passes Half a Million Dollars in Loans
29: What Web Conferences to Attend
29: IM Most Valuable Web 2.0 Tool for Enterprise
27: Weekly Wrapup, 23-27 July 2007
26: 50 ThinkFree Premium Invites For R/WW Readers
25: Syndication Wars 2007: Atom’s Time is Nigh, With Google on its Side
25: Desktop RSS Readers Are (Nearly) Dead
23: Nokia Acquires Media Sharing Startup Twango
23: YouTube Re-design in Beta
23: More Virtualization News: HP Buys Opsware and Neoware
23: Poll: How Do You Primarily Read Your Feeds?
23: Media Temple To Announce Nitro: Bringing Virtualization to Dedicated Physical Servers
22: Pageflakes, Netvibes Take on Social Networks: What Chance Do They Have?
22: Read/WriteWeb’s New Comments Feature: SezWho
20: Weekly Wrapup, 16-20 July 2007
20: GoogleTV – A Glimpse at The Future
18: Facebook Week Update
18: Democracy Player Reborn as Miro
17: Citizen Journalism Part 2, Localized News – Buffalo Rising and PerthNorg
17: How Open Is Facebook, Really?
17: Facebook Adds Ajax – Abandoning Page Views?
16: Facebook Week: Analyzing The Facebook Platform and Apps
16: Top 10 Worst Web App Names
15: 4 Years Ago Today – Netscape Corporation Killed, Mozilla Foundation Born
13: Weekly Wrapup, 9-13 July 2007
13: The State of Citizen Journalism: Part 1, Newsvine
12: Can Google Be Beat? They Already Have Been in South Korea…
11: Best Web Company in 2007: Facebook, Google, Apple Lead The Pack
11: History of Microsoft’s Internet TV Strategy
10: Battle of the DIY Social Networks: Ning, vibEngine, PeopleAggregator
10: Is Blogging Dead?
9: Key Moment For Web Office: Google Acquires Postini, Hosted Security and Compliance Provider
9: Tyranny of the Page View Nearly Over?
9: Best Web Company in 2007
9: Grid Server Crushes Shared Hosting? Not Tonight It Didn’t…
8: Turning Blogging From Hobby to Career
8: New Read/WriteWeb Writers
7: Weekly Wrapup, 2-6 July 2007
6: 3 Internet TV Reviews: LiveStation, VeohTV, Zattoo
6: Seedcamp: Euro Version of Y Combinator
5: New – One Year On
4: Auf Wiedersehen, Gmail – Google Loses Court Case in Germany
3: 2007 Half-Year Web Technology Report: A’s for Google and Facebook
3: Web Apps on iPhone, Part 2: Meebo on iPhone
3: Thanks Sponsors
2: Digg Needs Editors
2: Google Acquires GrandCentral – Game on Skype!
2: Top 100 Alt Search Engines, July 2007
2: Poll: What Will Apple Conquer Next?


30: New Goes Live – Google and Yahoo Both Search Providers
30: Open Thread: How Do Your Favorite Web Apps Perform on the iPhone?
29: Weekly Wrapup, 25-29 June 2007
29: To Launch Web 2.0 Re-design This Weekend
28: Office Apps on the iPhone: iPhone vs Blackberry
27: Google Opens Pocket to Gadget Developers
27: Poll: Will You Buy an iPhone?
27: iPhone Web Development Frenzy
27: Update on R/WW Writers Wanted
27: Morfik Builds First iPhone Development Tool
26: Microsoft Announces Next Generation of Windows Live
26: Lessons Learnt from People Ready Controversy
24: LinkedIn to Open Up – How It Can Take On Facebook
23: People Ready
22: Weekly Wrapup, 18-22 June 2007
22: e-learning 2.0: All You Need To Know
21: Wanted: R/WW Writers
20: Digg Overtakes Facebook with 1400% Growth, 22.6 Million Uniques
19: The Great Debates: Meta Search
19: Digital Lifestyle Roundup: BitTorrent SDK, 7digital Music Downloads, Microsoft Mediaroom
19: Google Acquires Zenter – Web Office Suite Now 99% Complete
19: Web Office Suite: Who’s Leading The Pack?
18: What Will MyStrands Do With $25M?
18: Firefox Add-ons: All You Need To Know
16: Net Natives – The Global Perspective
16: Weekly Wrapup, 11-15 June 2007
15: Flash Poll: Are you using Facebook?
15: WebOS Wars: eyeOS vs MyBooo
15: Read/WriteWeb Editor in Close-Up
14: Future of Media Video: Google Takes Over the World by 2050
14: What’s your online collaboration platform? Nearly half of R/WW readers use Google Apps
13: RealPlayer 11: Download Video From The Web
13: Day Without Google: Were you ‘master of your domain’?
13: Do We Need Password Management Services Like Clipperz and PassPack?
12: Flickr Goes Multi-lingual
12: Day Without Google Begins!
12: Babelgum Invites
11: Poll: Which online collaboration platform do you use?
10: Tumri Advertiser Launched – Aims to be Adsense 2.0
10: This Tuesday: A Day Without Google
8: Weekly Wrapup, 4-8 June 2007
7: Webby Awards 2007: Big Winners Include Flickr, LinkedIn,
6: R/WW Network Update: Joost & Babelgum, Great Debates & Ms Freckles!
6: Web 2.0 Forum, Sydney
5: Movable Type 4.0 Announced – Becomes Social Media Platform
4: Ask3D: One-Ups Google Universal Search
4: Announcing AltSearchEngines: Second Read/WriteWeb Network Blog
4: eyeOS 1.0 Launches
4: Amazon Comes to Twitter
3: Thanks Sponsors (plus a reminder of what Read/WriteWeb stands for)
1: Weekly Wrapup, 28 May – 1 June 2007


31: AppleTV: Like a DVD player for the Internet
31: Poll Update: 47% of you think Google should be investigated for antitrust
30: Google Gears in Context – Browser Gets a Boost From Google
30: Big Media Snapping Up Web 2.0 Startups – CBS, eBay, Fox, Google Announce Acquisitions Today
29: Microsoft Surface Hits The Ground Running
29: Digital Lifestyle News: Microsoft’s Answer To iPhone; Babelgum Review
29: Egnyte Tackles Knowledge Management 2.0
28: F.T.C. Eyes Antitrust Action in Google DoubleClick Acquisition
28: Web 2.0 Hits The Home: MyDeco and MoveMe
25: Weekly Wrapup, 21-25 May 2007
24: Facebook Grows Up – An Analysis of Today’s News
24: Facebook, The Mighty Pipe, Could Crush Yahoo
23: Digital Lifestyle News: AppleTV Hacks and Pandora for Mobile & Living Room
23: New Version of BlueOrganizer Launched – Semantic Web In Action?
22: Zoho Launches Notebook Beta
21: EMI Acquired For US$6B – Digital and Online Strategy to “Accelerate”
21: eBay Startup Sales – Going, going, gone…to the geek in the back!
21: The Online Advertising Bubble: DoubleClick, aQuantive Deals Over-Priced?
20: Read/WriteWeb Blog Network Launches With
20: Thanks Sponsors
18: Weekend Poll: Will Google Universal Search Kill Vertical Search Engines?
18: Weekly Wrapup, 14-18 May 2007
17: Jakob Nielsen Sounds Off About Web 2.0… Again!
16: Exclusive: Corel’s WordPerfect Lightning Integrates with WordPress
16: Interclue – New Web Previews App Launches
15: Poll Update: Mozilla, Google Favored Over Adobe, Microsoft for Web App Deployment Platforms
14: Meebo Rooms Launched – “like a very very rich widget”
14: Poll: Whose vision of web app deployment do you like the best?
14: Understanding Apollo
13: Enterprise RSS – 3 Major Vendors Show The Way
13: Simply Google – All You Can Eat Google, On One Page
11: Weekly Wrapup, 7-11 May 2007
10: On Mozilla and The Evolution of the Browser
9: Launches Video – Aims To Be The MTV Of Web 2.0 Age
9: The Euro Startups Quiz – What’s Your Score?
8: RateItAll Launches Read/Write Widget
8: News Wrap: Newsgator milestones, Sun’s JavaFX, Amazon RSS Tags, ThinkFree Docs
8: ShareOffice Launches – Open Standards Based Web Office Suite
7: Top 15 Web 2.0 Startups in Europe?
7: Poll: Search Innovation
6: Silverlight Poll Results: Majority Impressed, But Not a Flash Killer Yet
5: Richard’s Excellent US Adventure; And Thanks Sponsors
2: Disney’s Vista Gadget Points To Future Of Marketing Widgets
1: Google’s Personalization Push: iGoogle, Localization, Gadget Maker


30: Poll: What do you think of Microsoft Silverlight?
30: Lunch With Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie: Browsers,, Microsoft’s Web Strategy
30: Ray Ozzie Keynote at MIX, Las Vegas
22: Guest Editor This Week
21: Read/WriteWeb Turns 4
21: Thanks Sponsors
20: Web 2.0 Expo Wrapup
18: Bungee Labs – Next Generation Web Development Platform
18: Poll: Is Eric Schmidt Kidding Or What?
17: Pandora Founder Appeals For Help To “Save Internet Radio”
17: Web 2.0 Expo: Eric Schmidt Interview
17: Web 2.0 Expo: Data on Participatory Web
17: News Bytes: Techcrunch20, Netvibes/Pageflakes, Expo Thoughts
16: Web 2.0 Expo Keynote: Amazon’s Web Scale Computing Platform
16: Web 2.0 Expo – Hybrid Design
16: Microsoft Silverlight Takes On Adobe’s Flash
15: Weekly Wrapup, 9-13 April 2007
13: Google to Acquire DoubleClick For $3.1 Billion In Cash
11: Properazzi Launches WidSets Collaboration With Nokia
11: Google Continues Search Engine Dominance – Even In Verticals!
10: Define Web 3.0 Contest – Winners of Web 2.0 Expo Tickets
10: Martha Stewart 2.0
10: Google Eyeing Maxthon – Will Stoke Flames of Jealousy in Firefox
9: Brings Web 2.0 To The Enterprise With ContentExchange
9: The Age of Instant Intranets – Central Desktop Launches Turnkey Intranet
7: Weekly Wrapup, 2-6 April 2007
7: Thanks Sponsors
5: ThinkFree Launches Viewer Plugin For WordPress; Also Coming Soon – ThinkFree Docs (“Flickr for Office files”)
5: How Will Enterprises Deliver Next Generation Internet Applications?
5:, Russia’s, Gets $18M Investment For Expansion
5: Web 2.0 Expo Giveaway
4: Thunderbird 2.0 To Launch This Week – Interview with Scott MacGregor, Lead Engineer
3: Peepel: New Web Office Suite
3: Compete Introduces Attention Statistics
2: Morfik Patents AJAX Compiler – Playing Games With Google
2: EMI Music DRM-free: What It Means For The Online Music Industry
2: Poll: Will UI innovations really be competitive with Google?


The menu begins to fill out.

31: Google Launches Gmail Paper & In-Home Wireless Broadband Service
31: The End of an Era?
30: Weekly Wrapup, 26-30 March 2007
30: Desktop On Demand – New WebOS Launches
29: BlogRovr Fetches Content From Your Favorite Blogs
28: Yahoo Mail API Launched
28: Point/Counterpoint: Which is better, an offline Web App or an online Desktop App?
27: A Glitch in the Web Office Matrix
27: Snap Preview Anywhere Launches Localized Versions
26: Microsoft’s Z Fetish: First Zune, Now ZenZui and its Zoomspace
26: – Broadcast TV for Web Era
26: Poll: What web apps would you like to see with offline access?
25: Zimbra Desktop Launched – Growing Trend of Offline Access to Web Apps
24: Thanks Read/WriteWeb Sponsors
24: Poll: *Really* Alt Search Engines
23: Weekly Wrapup, 19-23 March 2007
23: Winner of ETech Caption Contest
23: Hakia Takes On Google With Semantic Technologies
22: Last chance to vote for your favorite Personalized Homepage
22: Big Internet Companies (Except Google) Brought Into Line – Thoughts on News Corp/NBC Online Video Deal
22: Google’s CPA Move: Will Microsoft & Yahoo Have To Buy Their Way Into CPA Game?
21: CIOs Spurn Web 2.0 Startups – Enterprises Want Suites and Large, Incumbent Software Vendors
21: Caption Contest: ETech Ticket Giveaway
20: Google Gives Personalized Homepage “Personality”
20: Winner of Office 2.0 Caption Contest
20: Launches Innovative Search Agents App
20: P2P Lender Zopa Gets $13M Funding – Expands into US
20: Userplane Releases Userlist – IM for Websites a Trend to Watch
19: Exclusive: Yahoo oneSearch Launches on US Mobile Web
19: Poll: Which Personalized Homepage Do You Use?
19: Caption Contest – Office 2.0 Ticket Giveaway
18: Netvibes Launches “Coriander Edition” – a SUPER Personalized Homepage
18: Techcrunch Gets a CEO – Blogs Big Business Now
17: Weekly Wrapups Email Newsletter and RSS Feed
16: Weekly Wrapup, 12-16 March 2007
15: Rating the Memetrackers: Redux
15: PureVideo and The Rise of Online Video Portals
15: We Dig TV Brings Television Game Shows To The Web
15: Poll: Why is there no advertising with YouTube videos?
14: Weird Search Engines II: Beam Me Up, Scotty
14: Video PageRank: Google Searches for The Holy Grail
13: Spanning Sync v1.0 Launches – Apple, Google Sync
13: blinkx Launches Video Search Engine Optimization Wiki & Guidelines
13: Interview with Google’s Matt Cutts about Next-Generation Search
13: Alt Search Engine Market Share Mashup
12: Read/WriteWeb Job Board Combined with VentureBeat, Alarm:Clock
12: Imagini Spikes After Being Dugg – Will It Last?
11: Poll: How many RSS Remix feeds do you subscribe to?
11: Linguistic Analysis of Top 100 Alt Search Engines
9: Friday Fun: Weird Search Engines
9: Weekly Wrapup, 5-9 March 2007
8: ShoppingPath’s Unique Product Comparison UI
8: Ex-My Yahoo Boss, Now Pageflakes CEO, Responds to My Yahoo Beta
8: My Yahoo! Gets Web 2.0 Makeover
8: TVNZ ondemand Being Positioned as “Third Channel”
7: MyStrands Links Music Recommendations To Wikipedia Info
7: WordPress, 37Signals Join OpenID Bandwagon
5: My.Netscape Being Re-Born as Web 2.0 Personalized Homepage
5: ClearSpring Gets $5.5M from AOL Founders
5: Yahoo Mixd Closes – Peanut Butter Manifesto in Action?
4: Poll: Should a newspaper be a social network?
3: California Home to Quarter of Top 100 Alt Search Engines
2: Weekly Wrapup, 26 February – 2 March 2007
2: YeeYan Translates Blogs Posts Into Chinese
2: Internet Portals Jump Into Bed With Media, Telecoms
1: Morfik’s Ajax Platform Set To Challenge Google, Adobe, Microsoft


28: Etelos Launches CRMforGoogle – May Attract Google Lawyers
27: Adobe Peels Covers Off Apollo
27: Exclusive: Revision3 Launches New Underground Music Show
26: Microsoft Acquires Health Search Engine, Medstory – The Continued Rise of Vertical Search
26: ThinkFree Reaches 250,000 Registered Users
26: Poll: Was Google Apps Premier The Web Office Tipping Point?
26: 3GSM Mobile Web Review
23: Weekly Wrapup, 19-23 February 2007
23: Best of Web Office This Week
22: Three More Microsoft WPF News Readers Launched: Forbes, Seattle PI, Daily Mail
22: The State of the Web-based RSS Reader Market – Feedburner, Pheedo Release Stats
22: Google Apps Premier Edition Launches – One Small Step Towards Google Office
21: – Mobile Shopping Service To Launch Monday
20: Central Desktop Partners With EditGrid, Adds Online Spreadsheets
20: Poll: Do You Actually Use OpenID?
20: iReader Previews The Content Behind Links
19: Talkr Sold – New Owners Plan To Make Money Via Audio Advertising
18: Living The Blogging Dream
16: Weekly Wrapup, 12-16 February 2007
16: European Startups and Web Innovation Around The World
16: Dell 2.0: Launches Digg Clone and Video Sharing Site
15: Web News: Yahoo/Digg, Web 4.0, Soapbox, Gmail, Index Ventures
14: Stray Cinema: Open Source Film-making on the Web
13: Web News: Mozilla Manifesto, Offline Firefox, Yahoo IM/Mail, President 2.0, SNS APIs, Web Safety
13: Windows Live Confusion – One Year On
13: 1dawg Converts Online Video For Mobile Devices
12: Poll: Does Location Matter in Web Innovation?
12: Mozilla Upgrades Firefox Add-ons Site; Interview with Mike Shaver, Mozilla Add-ons Guru
12: Web News: Mobile (Microsoft, Yahoo, Nokia), MySpace Filtering
11: Firefox 3 To Support Offline Apps
11: Top Web Apps in Latvia
10: Weekly Wrapup, 5-9 February 2007
9: TVTonic Turns Video Podcasts Into TV Channels
8: Web News: Pipes, Windows Live Hotmail & Mobile 6, Baidu Video Search, IBM QEDWiki
8: Zlio Launches in US – Build Your Own Online Shop
7: Yahoo Launches Pipes, an RSS Remixer
7: Web News: Microsoft Supports OpenID, Gmail Opens Up, Amazon/TiVo, Google and Cable Operators
7: Social Network For Social Activism
7: Admin: R/WW Does Tabs
6: Steve Jobs Asks Record Labels To Abolish DRM
6: 30 Boxes Turns One: Review of a Best of Breed Web App
5: SuperBowl Advertisers Fail To Impress Online and on Social Network Sites
5: Web News: China’s Internet Boom, Yahoo Panama Launched, Google Integration, Digg Anti-Gaming
5: Poll: What type of content keeps you coming back to Read/WriteWeb?
5: Google Ramps Up Personalization, Prepares Online Presentations App
5: Weekly Wrapup
4: Live 3D Cricket at
2: Yahoo Launches OurCity and Re-designs Sports
2: Google vs Yahoo Stock Analysis: Is Yahoo The One To Buy?
2: Pixsta Visual Search For Shopping Sites
2: 1.5M users, Amazon Q4, Digg’s War on Gaming, WSJ on Start Pages, Web Profile Aggregators
1: LonelyGirl15: Show Me The Money!
1: Internet Traffic Jam, Flickr annoys old skool, Zune Phone, J Allard takes charge of Zune
1: Proto Enables Desktop Mashups – Also Giving Away iPods in Mashup Contest


31: Big 3 on Censorship, Yahoo Brand Universe, Google Q4 Earnings, comScore Top Web Properties Dec 06
31: 55% Of People Regularly or Always Fake Their Web Identity
31: Teapotters Wants To Be The YouTube of 3D
31: Web War Not Won Yet
31: How Google’s Gmail / Docs & Spreadsheets Integration Directly Targets Microsoft
30: Mainstream Media Usage of Web 2.0 Services is Increasing
30: Gizmo Call Launches, Browser-based VoIP
30: SalesWorks Takes On With Hybrid Web/Desktop App
30: Zoho Announces Notebook – “Not Just Online OneNote”
30: How Will Microsoft Respond To Online Office Threat
29: Imagini’s Visual DNA Aims To Improve Social Networking
29: Windows Vista Hits New Zealand Stores First
29: Poll: Do You Ever Fake Your Online Identity?
26: Weekly Wrapup
26: Vodafone To Launch Mobile Web Portal, Betavine
25: Amazon Quietly Launches Amapedia, a Wikipedia For Products
25: The Decline of Desktop RSS Readers
25: MySpace, Yahoo Top US Charts for Time Spent Online
25: Attn Steve Jobs: Red Swoosh P2P Service Wants To Save You $15 Million
24: Zoho and Omnidrive Working On Web App Data Standards
24: IBM Many Eyes: Rich Visualization on the Web
24: Mojiti – China’s YouTube 2.0 Adds Annotation To Mix
24: Hacking Mobile: Roam4Free and AllFreeCalls
23: Proto – India’s Version of DEMO
23: MyStrands Revamp – More Integration Between Mobile, Online and Physical Worlds
23: Can Google Take Over The Internet
22: IBM Launches Enterprise Social Networking Suite; Microsoft Helpfully Offers To Migrate IBM Customers Off It
22: 3D Interfaces on the Web – Useful or Novelty?
22: Thanks R/WW Sponsors
21: RSS Company Syndicate IQ Shuts Down
21: Mobile 2.0 Company Directory
19: Wiki Vendors Wrangle Over Domain
19: Friday Poll: What Type Of RSS Reader Do You Use?
18: Nokia’s Internet Tablet & Open Source Development Platform
18: 2006 Instant Messaging Innovations
18: Dada Leads Mobile Social Networking Charge
18: Ajax Is The Pepperoni Of Web Development… But What’s Next?
17: A Best of Breed Future
17: e-learning 2.0 Infiltrates the Classroom
17: Directory of Online Music Services
17: Browser Market Share: Maxthon May Stop Firefox’s Slow Climb
16: Google Promotes Checkout on Homepage
16: Yes or No, is Ajax a RIA Technology?
16: Twango Tackles Lucrative Media Sharing Market
15: Read/Write Intranets
15: Talkr Up For Sale – More Web 2.0 Fallout
15: Jakob Nielsen Takes Potshots at Web 2.0 in Best Intranets of 2007
14: Google Reader May Evolve Into Read/Write App
14: Findory Fades Away
12: Tag Cloud View of Bill Gates CES Keynote
12: Steve Jobs: iPhone Ain’t Opening Up
12: ShoutCentral Sold On eBay For $13,800
12: Ugenie Launches Textbooks To Save Students Money
12: Top Domain Names of 2006
11: Poll: Accessing Office EMail With Y! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc
11: Still No Killer Apps For Amazon Mechanical Turk
11: Firefox 3 Plans and IE8 Speculation – Browsers Heading Apart Again
11: GoodSearch – Search Engine That Gives to Charity
11: RSS Tuning with Attensa and Real Time Matrix
10: Best Products at CES 2007
10: YouTube Now 4th Biggest Web Property in World
9: Exploring Apple TV and iPhone
9: CES Web Tech News Wrap-up
9: Boom! iPhone Rocks Tech World
8: MyBlogLog Acquired by Yahoo – Grist To The Distributed Network Mill
8: Yahoo Mobile Announcements at CES
8: Hacking 2.0: Today’s Hackers Target Web, For Money
7: Bill Gates CES Keynote 2007
7: R/WW Coverage of Macworld and CES
5: AI Favored Search 2.0 Solution
5: Metalink Makes Large Downloads Easier
4: Windows Live for TV: Social Networking and VoIP From Your Sofa
4: Dodgy Web and Blog Stats: Redux
4: Rich Internet Applications vs HTML
3: Kiva: Philanthropy 2.0
3: Swicki Upgrade: Write Your Own Search Results
2: Announcing the Read/WriteWeb Job Board
2: Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker
1: Top Web Apps in Croatia