RWW 2006

A new logo was in place by November 2006.


28: The Biggest Web Trend of 2007 Will Be…
27: Top 10 Read/WriteWeb Posts for 2006
22: Best Web LittleCo of 2006 – and Most Promising for 2007
22: Charity Badge: Using the Power of Social Networking for Good
21: Best Web Bigco of 2006: Google
19: 2007 Web Predictions
18: Ask X – New UI for Secretly Launched
18: The Shrinking Long Tail – Top 10 Web Domains Increasing in Reach
18: Digg Goes Multimedia – Launches New Video, Podcasting Features
17: edgeio and China: A Chat With Keith Teare
17: Time’s Person of the Year is You – a Silicon Valley fueled, Steak-frite eating You
15: Looking for Submissions: Best Web Companies and Innovators of 2006
14: ZCubes: Trying to “Do It All” on the Web
14: Mobile Content in Context
13: Sharpcast’s Mobile Push
12: Gotuit SceneMaker and The Online Video Holy Grail
12: Why Browser War 2.0 Will Heat Up in 2007
11: Poll: Best Internet Bigco of 2006
11: 2006 Web Technology Trends
11: Firefox TV Commercials Go Live: Interview with Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler
10: Google Advertises Firefox on Homepage
7: Are you an “Out There” Person?
7: Top 20 Websites in US
6: Trend Watch: P2P Traffic Much Bigger Than Web Traffic
6: Microsoft Continues on Google’s Path – Launches Live Search Books
6: and The Holy Grail of Searching Within Videos
5: Web Office APIs – Embracing and Extending Microsoft Office
4: Poll: What mid-90s company is Google most like?
4: Avantoure: A Magazine for the Web Age
4: Virtual Shopping Malls Making a Comeback?
1: Flickr Terminates Fake User, Red Passion
1: Predictive Markets for Web Technology
1: JotSpot Case Casts Doubt on Future of Web Office Startups


30: Yahoo Ramping Up Content Networks – But Scaling Back on RSS?
30: Microsoft Officially Announces Vista and Office 07 – Web Briefly Mentioned
30: Orange Launches Online Music Analysis and Recommendations
29: Blastfeed and the Future of RSS Filtering
29: Second Tier PPC Search Advertising – Growing, But Dogged by Click Fraud Concerns
29: Admin: R/WW Expansion, Sponsor Opportunities
28: Sex and Social Networking Sells: Fake User Profiles in Marketing Campaigns
28: Microsoft Expression Web: Taking Over From Frontpage and Taking On Adobe
27: Virtual Ticket: Media Player for Rock Band Websites
27: Holotof – Crowdsourcing Creativity
27: Laszlo To Release a WebOS
26: R/WW Trend Watch: User-generated Sites Define This Era of the Web
26: Google Docs and Spreadsheets Interview
23: Poll: Will Google develop a GoogleOS?
23: Top Web Apps in Serbia
22: Microsoft vs Google Heats Up
21: Web Office Widgets and Intranet Dashboards
21: ChinesePod – Great Example of a Small Niche Web Business
20: 3 Trumpets Mobile Web Breakthrough with X-Series
20: Myfabrik – The YouTube and Flickr of Online Storage?
20: WordPress Takes On SixApart With Enterprise Edition and
20: Top Web Apps in Hungary
19: Yahoo: Time to Kill Off Flickr, and Other Web 2.0 Brands
16: Demand Media aims to Capitalize on Web Content
16: Gates on Next 10 Years – Microsoft wants to be OS for Entertainment
16: uGenie: Meta-Middleman for Online Shopping
16: The King of SEO
15: What differentiates it from Google?
15: Home Again
10: Web 2.0 Summit Wrap-up
9: David Filo and Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo
9: What Real People Use on the Web
9: Marissa Mayer’s Need for Speed
9: Kevin Rose at Web 2.0 Summit
9: 3/4 of Traffic to Top Websites is International
9: Web 2.0 Summit Notes, Day 3
8: A Conversation with Ray Ozzie
8: Disruption Opportunity: Beating Google at Their Own Game
8: Mary Meeker: The State of the Internet, Part 3
8: Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen at Web 2.0 Summit
8: Jeff Bezos at Web 2.0 Summit
7: Web 2.0 Summit Launchpad
7: Adobe’s World of Web/Desktop Integration
7: Microsoft’s 3D Web: A Chat with Steve Berkowitz and Christopher Payne
6: Homepage Widgets Panel at WidgetsLive: How Start Pages are Evolving
6: Fox Interactive Gets Into Widgets Game
3: Off to the Web 2.0 Conference
2: Tim Berners-Lee Announces Web Science Initiative – Studying the Social Web
1: Parakey: WebOS for Mom and Pop
1: Reality Digital: YouTube for Businesses


31: Launches New Features – Including Flash Player, Events and Free MP3s
31: Wired Acquires Reddit (instead of just white labeling it)
31: Google Acquires JotSpot: Adding to Google’s Web Office Armory
31: Compete Takes On Alexa – Launches SnapShot and Social Search
30: Web TV News: Skype Founders Going For Hat-Trick; Brightcove Launches Network
30: Metacafe’s Online Video Revenue Sharing Goes Live
30: Microsoft’s Live Search – Next Generation, or Competitive Bluster?
29: Weekly Wrapup
27: Pluck RSS Reader Shuts Down: Consumer RSS Readers a Dead Market Now
27: Tamago: The Only P2P eCommerce Market
27: Trumba: Interconnecting Online Events and Calendars
26: Google Re-Org Rumors: Google Maturing As Media Business
25: Transclick: Mobile Translation For Borderless Business
25: Eurekster’s Reaction To Google’s Eureka! Moment
24: Firefox 2 Officially Launches
24: Firefox 2 Launch: Interview With Chris Beard, Mozilla VP Products
23: Adobe Digital Editions Beta Launched – Digital Reading Market Hots Up
23: freenigma: Encryption For Web-Based E-mail
23: Top Web Apps in Sweden
23: Trailfire: Experimenting With Trails
22: Weekly Wrapup
22: MyBlogLog: Adding Community To Blogs
20: Silicon Welly
19: How Firefox 2.0 Will Be Marketed
19: SocialText Aims To Be Best Of Breed Office Software
18: Pageflakes 2.0 Launches
17: The Serendipity Of StumbleUpon – an interview with Garrett Camp, Chief Architect
16: Tailrank 2.0 – How Does It Compare To Techmeme?
16: Movable Type Enterprise 1.5 Launched
16: (RED) Web
15: JotSpot’s Hybrid Wiki/Office Suite – 3 New Apps Launched
13: IBM Launches alphaWorks Services – Needs To Bring Sexy Back
13: War on Web 2.0 Terror
13: Top Web Apps in Austria
12: Sharpcast Releases Photos Beta 2 – All File Types Supported By End Of 2006
10: Google Docs & Spreadsheets Goes Live: Writely Is No More
10: Web Office Jostling: Google Docs and ZohoX
10: 2007 Will Be A Big Year For RSS
10: Top Web Apps in India
9: Google Buys YouTube – Big Bet On Future Of The Internet
9: Office 2.0 Podcast Jam Kicks Off
9: Zoho Moving Towards A Full Web Office Suite
8: Weekly Wrap-up: Social Networking Special
6: Admin: R/WW Comments Feeds
6: Eric Schmidt References Google Office Suite
6: Neil Rimer from Index Ventures: Great Entrepreneurs Can Emerge From Anywhere
5: PollDaddy Launches
4: The State Of Web Development – Ajax set to surpass Flash in ’07
4: Plans To Become A Social Network
3: Thank you R/WW Sponsors
3: Online Gaming: Xbox And Peter Jackson Team Up
2: blueorganizer: Interview with adaptiveblue founder and CTO Alex Iskold
2: Orkut + Dodgeball: Why Google Will Merge Them
2: Digg Black Market
1: Weekly Wrapup


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29: Bloglines Does UI Upgrade Too… To Left Pane
28: New-look Google Reader Is Stunning!
27: DEMOfall 2006 Coverage, Day 1
26: StumbleUpon Continues To Impress
26: Google Office: a Micro Media bulletin
26: VoIP Sans The PC – Jajah, Rebtel Make Announcements
25: Google’s Structured Data Search Play
25: NY Times Futurist On Paperless Reading
25: The Future of the Internet (sounds like my favorite sci fi books and movies)
24: In Search Of The Valley: DVD movie released today
24: Weekly Wrap-up
24: Googleyness: Inside The Google System
22: OneWebDay: In Celebration Of The Web
22: Microsoft Plans Web-based Works Suite – Including Word Processing And Spreadsheets
22: Business Web Desktop From
21: Breaking News: Facebook in talks with Yahoo for rumored $1B deal
20: Interview: Can Userplane Help Transform AOL?
20: DEMOfall 2006 Presenting Companies Announced
20: Top Web Apps in Japan
19: 9rules Adds Community Search Engine
19: 3Tera Brings Utility Computing To Web Apps
18: France Web Market Overview
17: Building Web Native Apps: Google Calendar and Web Office
17: Can Google China compete with Baidu?
16: Read/WriteWeb Weekly Highlights
15: New York Times Reader Launches
15: Netvibes Claims 5 Million Users
14: Zune – Social Networking Differentiates It From iPod
13: Yahoo! Mail Beta Release – Exclusive Podcast With Ethan Diamond
13: Apple’s iPod Success Won’t Be Repeated With iTV
13: Poll: Do Personalized Start Pages have a viable future?
12: VCs on Web Technology: Judy Gibbons from Accel
12: What New Web Technology Has Apple Unveiled?
11: Sharpcast’s Desktop/Web Synchronization – Soon For All Types Of Files
11: Smartpox: Bar Codes For The Web
11: Top Web Apps in Brazil
10: World Internet Penetration Now 16% – Asia Growing Fast!
10: Read/WriteWeb Discussion, 3-9 Sept
8: Poll: Do you prefer desktop or browser apps?
8: Digg Changes May’ve Increased Quality, But The Community Is In Turmoil
8: Cloning vs Originality
7: Asian Mobile Web Years Ahead
7: Discussion: Webified Desktop Apps
6: Google Office: Image Gallery
6: Zimbra: Mashing Up The Office
6: Google Instant Intranet
5: China – World’s Largest Internet Market By ’07
5: Douglas Engelbart’s HyperScope 1.0 Launched
4: Top Italian Web Apps
4: Read/WriteWeb Sponsors And Contributers
3: ZapTXT: promising RSS topic subscription service
1: Trailfire: Building Vannevar’s Memex


31: Times Reader – Exclusive Screenshots Of As Yet Unreleased Microsoft App
30: Announcing the Read/WriteWeb Jobs Board
30: Internet Explorer 7: Good Solid Browser, Or Ford Pinto?
29: Top 10 Firefox Web 2.0 Add-ons
28: Business Models For Start Pages
28: Top Web Apps in Turkey
27: Web Office update – Google and Zoho make moves
27: Survey Of Client Apps Using The Web Platform
25: Windows Live breaks into Alexa Top 10
24: Amazon Launches Elastic Compute Cloud
24: Top Web Apps in China
23: Interview with George Moore, GM Windows Live
22: Berners-Lee Disses Web 2.0
22: GData API for Google Base released
22: TBL Podcast, Mobile News, and 2 tickets to Future of Web Apps to give away
21: Ex-Googler starts Webwag, new personalized start page
21: TradeMe: Big Fish In A Small Pond
20: Windows Live Contacts Beta Launched
17: Internet Explorer Not A Monster Anymore
17: Top Spanish Web 2.0 Apps
15: Web Email Market: An Overview
15: Social Software dominates the tech news
15: InnovAlarm – Web-based security and health monitoring
15: The Underground World of Private P2P Networks
13: Cultural Misunderstandings on the Web
11: Social Networks gaining on Internet portals
10: Future of Browsers: Interview with Flock’s Geoffrey Arone
10: Top Web 2.0 Apps in Russia
9: Podcast Interview with Sun’s Tim Bray and Radia Perlman
9: Interview with Sun’s Tim Bray and Radia Perlman – Part 1: Web history and future, P2P
8: Web 2.0: The Documentary
8: Search 2.0 vs Google’s Goliath
7: Apple enhances widgets – Dashcode and Web Clip
7: English language only 39% of all blogs
7: Top UK Web 2.0 Apps
6: Skyrider and The Future Of P2P
6: Happy Birthday World Wide Web!
4: Gadgets being promoted on Windows Live Spaces
3: Top Korean Web 2.0 Apps
2: Mitch Kapor’s new startup – Foxmarks, a Search 2.0 product
2: Status And The Social Bookmarker
2: World of Widgets: Google
2: Digg stats after Jason Calacanis offer
1: Top Polish Web 2.0 Apps (including Coke’s 43Things!)
1: Startup Review says craigslist is worth $2.4B


31: Web Apps Around The World
31: Top Dutch Web 2.0 Apps
31: Visokio – Data Manipulation On The Web
29: RealNetworks lays down gauntlet to Microsoft’s Zune
29: The Ray Ozzie Experience
28: Top Ten German Web Apps
28: Y! Messenger launches – plug-ins popular in beta
27: Broadband TV Updates
27: Reddit ‘white labels’ its software to Slate
26: Read/WriteWeb sponsor packages available
25: Unlocking MySpace’s Value
23: Gotuit Launches Broadband Video Portal
23: VC Web 2.0 List: Big Money For New Media and Marketing Companies
21: Weekly Wrap-up, 17-21 July 2006
18: Calacanis offers to buy out digg users
18: Internet advertising companies hot in 2006
18: Google, MS, Y!, Ask: 20%+ revenue from toolbars?
18: Digg stats analysis
17: New Yahoo homepage goes live globally
17: Wufoo and DIY web apps
14: New Read/WriteWeb Design
13: Rhapsody Web Services Expands – Interview and Profile
12: MySpace – The (Almost) Premier Dating Site
12: Yahoo hoitily asserts that it is number 1
12: Yahoo homepage – now with less directory!
11: Read/WriteWeb Filter
11: CEO Marc Benioff: Microsoft being out hustled
11: PeopleAggregator and Open Social Network Systems
10: NY Times Headbutts New Media
10: New Netscape = New Coke?
8: News Corp: portals are out, mini-portals in
8: Japan Web Market
3: Doing The Silicon Valley Conference Circuit
1: Netscape Community Backlash


30: New Netscape opens up – existing users not impressed
29: Silicon Valley Update
27: YouTube Nearly Doubles Traffic In May
26: Interview with Yahoo’s Bradley Horowitz and Caterina Fake
24: Micro Media: corporate blogging and podcasting
23: Widgets are the new black
23: What Adobe’s Kiwi Project is about
22: Digg 3.0 expands beyond tech
22: Supernova Panel: Power to the People
21: Engaged Markets workshop: small companies competing against bigcos
21: Yahoo Does Microformats
20: Widget services ramping up
19: Reporting live from Silicon Valley
15: Digg CEO Jay Adelson responds to Netscape challenge
14: Netscape wears Digg’s clothing – but underneath it’s still a portal
14: The Sad Decline of PubSub
13: eBay Wiki – world’s largest commercial wiki launched
13: Sampa – Blog Platform On Steriods
12: Review of the official World Cup website
12: Open AIM opens up some more
11: Update on Personalized Start Pages
11: Page Views 2.0
10: Plenty Of Cash for one-man band
8: Google promotes Personalized Homepage on
8: Rich RSS Readers: best of breed picks
8: Here comes the Sun
7: Google is like a box of chocolates
6: Metaphors are a platform
5: YouTube and Yahoo Introduce Online Video Channels
4: The Future of Personalized Start Pages
4: Cease and Desist defining Web 2.0
2: Gnoosness gracious me, another blog search engine!


31: New blog search and Bloglines upgrade (but no new UI)
31: The Google of Mobile Search
31: Macromedia’s Kiwi Project is a tribute to me
29: Worldwide Internet Penetration is just 15%
29: Mini apps – Bitty Browser and Wampad
26: Firefox vs IE Smackdown!
25: Joel Spolsky’s Blue Chip Products
23: Top Ten Underserved Web 2.0 Markets
23: Microsoft acquisitions and product strategies
22: Coming to terms with Web 2.0
22: Advisory Capital Network
21: Massive sells to Microsoft – another kiwi millionaire
19: Google Properties
18: Mark Fletcher’s Garage Philosophy for Startups
18: Yahoo Analyst Day
17: Google Web Toolkit – rumored Morfik partnership
17: Web Conference List 2006
17: Feedburner Ramps Up Ad Network
15: Exclusive: New Yahoo! homepage
14: What matters 2.0
14: 53,651 male, youngish, rich, powerful and geeky readers
11: MSN Originals – Web’s version of a TV network?
11: – new web app builder aimed at the enterprise
10: AIM Pages – AOL breaking down the Walled Garden
9: Pageflakes blurs read/write line
8: How Web technology is changing (into) media
5: List of Web 2.0 Lists
4: Web 2.0 market segment mashups
3: Microcontent Aggregators: Suprglu
2: Read/WriteWeb Filter
1: Review of Yahoo Tech – by The Gen X Web 2.0 Geek


30: Microcontent Aggregators: Peoplefeeds
28: WebOfficePalooza
27: News Corp launches blogs
26: New Influencers, Company Advisory Boards and R/WW
25: 2.0
25: Microcontent Aggregators: 43Things
24: Read/WriteWeb Filter
23: Top Ten Reasons To Give Up Blogging
21: Why Google is extending RSS
20: Read/WriteWeb Filter
19: Feedburner’s new email subscription service impressive – but it’s not game over yet
18: Priceheat – simple but useful price comparison app
18: Rich Internet Apps – An Introduction
17: Microcontent Design, Part 3: Mightyv, a BBC TV listings app
13: My thoughts on Google Calendar and Web Office
12: Email Syndication Services – Zookoda and Yutter promising
12: Media Futures: on rebundling and intermediaries
11: Read/WriteWeb Filter
10: Structured Blogging Website Re-designed
9: Read/WriteWeb Filter
6: TV on the Web ramping up in 2006
6: Google Base begins to roll out the verticals
5: Off-topic: I’m still in New Zealand!
5: The Future of Mobile Web Browsers – Device APIs
4: Read/WriteWeb Filter
3: Microcontent Design, Part 2: BBC Case Study
3: Read/WriteWeb joins FM Publishing network
2: RSS filter products
1: Moving in to the TechCrunch Ranch permanently


27: Microcontent Design – Responses
26: 4 years of blogging for me too
25: Read/WriteWeb Filter
24: New edgeio features point to future of Structured Blogging
23: Understanding Google: Exclusive look at a JupiterResearch report
23: Mobile web applications – do they need the browser?
21: 5 copies of 37Signals’ Getting Real book to give away
21: Microcontent Design, Part 1
20: You know you’ve hit the big time when…
20: AOL’s New Module Playground
19: NetSquared – remixing the Web for social change
16: Rojo Adds Relevance – aims to be a ‘personalized digg’
16: Read/WriteWeb Filter
15: Review of Goowy, a Flash and Ajax desktop suite
15: Embracing and Extending Microsoft: JotSpot’s Joe Kraus on the Web Office
14: Mashup Business Models
14: Feeds as a platform + future of aggregators
13: 2006 Bloggies announced – same old same old
13: Read/WriteWeb Filter
9: Read/WriteWeb Filter
9: Kiwi developer selling a Web 2.0 app on eBay
9: On dodgy web and blog stats
9: Google acquires Writely – one of my Web Office Suite picks
9: JotSpot to release 30-50 pre-packaged wikis in 2006
8: Yahoo ups the ante with APIs
8: Google to buy New Zealand
8: Upgrade – New Pages and Gadgets, plus Integrated Windows Live Search
8: Google Calendar – the Web Office Suite is nigh!
7: New Windows Live releases – plus Onfolio acquisition
7: Read/Write Web Filter: ETech special
6: The case for Digital Media open standards
6: Read/WriteWeb Filter
5: NZ’s eBay sold for $700M
5: News trackers: smart or snark?
5: Store 100% – Google’s Golden Copy
3: Reuters and Media Nirvana
2: Reuters on the role of big media in the Read/Write Web
2: Yahoo not scaling back on ‘original content’ – just re-defining it
2: Read/WriteWeb Filter
1: OPML: key for personalization in 2006


28: Read/WriteWeb Filter
28: Ajax homepages market review
28: Feedburner introduces Dashboard and Item Use Stats
27: AJAX homepages – Portals 2.0?
27: Slow news day
27: edgeio launches with same goals as Structured Blogging
26: The Value of Feeds (is shifting…)
25: Read/WriteWeb Filter
24: Why you need a Web Office
23: 30 Boxes review
22: The Tyranny of Distance
22: Read/WriteWeb Filter
21: Web Office Suite: best of breed products
20: Read/WriteWeb Filter
17: Read/WriteWeb Filter
16: Fragmenting Attention
16: Read/WriteWeb Filter
15: The Communist Web
15: Personalized Clustering: It’s too hard, say developers
14: Read/WriteWeb Filter
13: ZDNet: Is Firefox dropping the ball, like Netscape in 97?
13: Megite Testing Personalized Meme Tracker
12: Media 2.0 Workgroup
11: New Web Development and Design Techniques
9: Read/WriteWeb Filter
9: On Sensationalism and New Media
9: Windows Live Ideas
9: SONR – A podcast listener tracking tool
9: Feedburner releases API into the wild
8: Guide to Startups – and a note about Feedster
7: Read/WriteWeb Filter
7: Convergence dreams are now reality
7: Feed Grazers and disposable RSS feeds
7: NY Times owns Blogrunner – or does it?
6: Rating the Meme Trackers – Memeorandum still tops, but Topix and TailRank up there too
5: Memeorandum: what Google News should’ve been
5: Read/WriteWeb Daily
3: Davos Conversations on the Future of Media
3: Wisdom of the Filters
2: Digg Interview, Part 2 (and who should I interview next?)
2: Read/WriteWeb Daily
1: Interview with Digg founder Kevin Rose, Part 1


31: Read/WriteWeb Daily
31: Consumer Tech Played Out?
31: Total Internet Spending Up 22% in 2005 from 2004
30: Peter Jackson in Seattle and Microsoft last week?
29: In Transit
25: Microsoft Search Champs: Non-NDA Stuff
22: Off to Seattle for Microsoft Search Champs
21: Read/WriteWeb Daily
21: Musical Expeditionary
20: Yahoo The Imitator?
20: Read/WriteWeb Daily
19: Read/Write Filter
18: Popular elements of a 2006 web site or service
18: Does Media Still Enthrall?
18: Read/Write Filter
17: Lessig on the Read/Write Web
17: Read/Write Filter
16: ZDNet: Comparing Reddit’s karma system to Digg
16: Synthesis in New and Old Media
16: Read/Write Filter
15: A web software success story from New Zealand – lessons applicable anywhere!
14: It’s all happening…
11: Thoughts on Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote
9: Latest SNS Numbers – MySpace Streaks Ahead
9: Conspiracy Theories: MySpace, Facebook, Amazon
9: Yahoo Acquires Webjay
9: Google OS = Moby Dick
6: Main Themes of Internet Companies at CES
6: Yahoo! Go – A Portal That Spans Devices
5: Admin: Moving Web Hosts
2: CES 2006: Web Companies and Internet-connected Gadgets Poised For Action
2: Yahoo and the Future of Television
2: LA Times Goes Ape With Media Industry Predictions
1: Apple to own rich media in ’06?