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  • Thoughts On 23andMe & The FDA

    This week the world of consumer health technology got a rude shock, when the FDA warned personal genomics company 23andMe that its marketing was in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act). The FDA seemed most concerned about the potential for 23andMe customers to misread their DNA results and take unnecessary or […]

  • Why I’m Disappointed In 23andMe – Hopefully Its “Personalized Recommendations” Will Help

    When I began my book project on consumer health technology, I had two classes of technology in mind for particular attention: Quantified Self (a.k.a. self-tracking) and personal genomics. I’ve found plenty of material to write about in the Quantified Self area. However I’ve been disappointed in my findings about personal genomics. I’m also not so […]

  • Why I’m Bullish on Smart Watches

    At the start of this year I noted the return of the watch to technology innovation. The renewed interest in watches is largely thanks to Pebble, a crowdfunded smart watch that got a lot of attention at CES this year. It’s looking increasingly likely that watches are going to be a big driver in the […]

  • Quantified Self at SXSW 2013

    Industry analysts at Altimeter, Chris Silva and Jeremiah Owyang, did a welcome overview post of the technology that mattered at SXSW this year. Welcome because nearly every other SXSW post I saw was about the parties and corporate concerts…although I have been extremely guilty of that too at past SXSWs! I didn’t miss going to […]

  • Food Logging & Changing Diets

    This week I decided to make a change in my diet. In order to measure how my body reacts to the new diet, I’m logging the food I eat – at least for the next week in the adjustment period. There are no shortage of apps and websites that enable you to log your food. […]

  • Would Knowing My DNA Have Prevented Me Getting Diabetes Type 1 in 2007?

    In the recent Dominion Post newspaper profile of me, I told the interviewer that I wished I’d known my increased risk of getting diabetes type 1 *before* I got it five years ago. DNA testing service 23andMe launched at the end of 2007, about a month after I discovered my diabetic fate. So if it […]

  • A Burgundy-Colored Slice of Control

    “In a way, self-tracking helps me feel like I’m in control, especially during particularly stressful times.” Super Generic Girl Currently I use the Fitbit to track my activity during the day. I just did a 15 minute walk on my treadmill, after lunch, and logged about 1,800 steps towards my daily goal of 8,000. Like […]

  • IBM’s Watson Goes To Medical School

    Interesting article today in Medgadget about IBM’s super-computer Watson, which last year famously defeated the human champions of TV quiz show Jeopardy!. This year, IBM has been testing Watson out in the medical field. This is one of the ways it hopes to make money from the technology. IBM has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic […]

  • Measuring Your Daily Steps, Stress & More

    Up till now in my Writer’s Log, I’ve focused on the process of writing a book. But my intention is also to use these updates to discuss the topics I’ll be covering in my book. One of those topics is the Quantified Self movement. Quantified Self refers to the practice of measuring data about your […]

  • My 23andMe Results

    Yesterday I talked about why I did a DNA test at 23andMe, a personal genomics company. Today I’ll discuss some of my results. 23andMe provides what’s called a “genotyping” service. It’s not a full sequence of your entire genome (i.e. your genetic makeup, coded by DNA/RNA), but a mapping of the main areas of interest. […]

  • Why I Did a DNA Test With 23andMe

    I just finished listening in to a genomics briefing run by the Science Media Centre here in New Zealand. I also participated a bit at the end, as someone who has done a personal DNA test, in my case at 23andme. I had been asked to say a few words about why I did the […]