What’s exciting me on the cloud native internet

For the past few months, I’ve been writing a weekly tech column for The New Stack. The theme of the column is what’s next on the cloud native internet. It’s an update on my long-time blogging theme, what’s next on the web; which was also ReadWriteWeb’s mission statement.

The term “cloud native” is how most people in the cloud computing industry refer to this era of the internet. Hey, it’s a better name than Web 2.0!

So far I’ve written 11 columns at TNS and I feel like I’m hitting my stride now. My most recent post even got some validation from within the industry:

Three months into my column, two topics have captured my interest:

  1. The developer experience; and in particular the JAMstack approach to web development, where the backend is decoupled from the frontend.
  2. Database systems. Fascinating because there are so many different flavours of database systems now. My higher goal here is to figure out what kinds of data-intensive apps will be built over the 2020s. AI and machine learning are growing ever more important, so cloud database systems need to be able to handle that kind of ‘big data’.

One of the most satisfying things about writing my TNS column is that it gives me the opportunity to talk to founders and developers of cutting edge internet startups. It’s such a pleasure talking to innovators and engaging with the startup ecosystem once more.

I’ve also started to get my hands dirty with web dev again, with an experimental JAMstack blog built on Hugo, Netlify and GitHub. Check that out if you’re interested; it’s called GenerateStatic and it’s a fun side project WIP.

If you’re interested in the topics I’m writing about for The New Stack, and/or you have ideas and suggestions on who I should talk to, please leave a comment here or reach out.

Here’s a list of my columns so far:



Database Systems

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